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Facebook gains dangerous new censorship power--bought Giphy - Monopoly

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Dr. Naomi Hunter

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"Monopoly of peace. Huge power move by FB to control the public conscious.

Facebook is about to go on a censorship rampage with this one.

Weird too, right before an election. Memes propelled Trump to the WH for sure. Weird how Drumpf has been a giant cuck in regards to anti-trust suits...

This has been an issue with the tech monopolies forever. The problem is they control Congress. Drumpf is really powerless against bribery."

"Adding an extra layer of irony, Facebook this week announced the launch of its "Hateful Memes Challenge" where researchers will compete for a cash prize to develop an AI that can "successfully detect" "hateful memes" (ie anything that anyone finds offensive, probably a much broader category than many realize).

Interesting note about the AI is that it cannot understand the subtlety in the memes it will be removing. For as sophisticated as people believe our tech to be, it still comes nowhere close to being able to comprehend like a real human.

"In order for AI to become a more effective tool for detecting hate speech, it must be able to understand content the way people do: holistically,” writes Facebook. “When viewing a meme, for example, we don’t think about the words and photo independently of each other; we understand the combined meaning together. This is extremely challenging for machines, however, because it means they can’t just analyze the text and the image separately. They must combine these different modalities and understand how the meaning changes when they are presented together.

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