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UKIP And Tactical Voting

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UKIP And Tactical Voting
« on: May 07, 2017, 09:41:40 am »


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Ok I will get this one started

I have always been for a strong relationship with europe , however I have never wanted to have the UK run by a lot of faceless unelected utopian BS merchants in Brussels so I vote UKIP and Brexit . Re UKIP and voting I have to make a decision on a massive issue ie who is going to carry out the will of the UK voters .I want to see the well meaning marxist fool Jeremy Corbyn and that always ass kissing labour party what ever the fuck and who ever is running the party Diane Abbott fail . Then there is the Libtard Democrat party who I would never vote for even under torture. Which leaves voting Conservative who will in some shape or form try to carry out Brexit I will vote for them . UKIP is not dead it will bounce back ,but it does lack a Nigel Farage type leader at the moment

Re: UKIP And Tactical Voting
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The dude is not alone on that assessment.

Although I would say that Labour does have such internal problems.

If considering a labour vote, are you voting for what ?
Corbyn is old fashioned 80s labour and a Brexit, his MPs are Remain Tory Blair....
Not remotely on the same politcal axis.

Is it a vote on Left v Right, or is it Brexit Second Vote....
Such confussion, this is worse than Harold Wilson era.

Yes I do have chronic election fatigue, the real question is how low the turn out might be as that could lead to a shock result.
We are all running on Gods laptop.
The problem is the virus called the Illuminati.


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