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Title: Bad Psychiatry in The New Order. How we might all come to blame our parents?
Post by: Ye Olde Powder Monkey on Dec 24, 2019, 04:52:07 pm
I've been trying to find a way to post a short'un about David Helfgott (help from God - hebrew~).
I think it's a great example of media embellishment of the facts, for a socio-psychiatric outcome.

In the movie Shine he's depicted as being bullied by his Father, excluded, thrown out, which is something that did happen SOME in those post-war days when the son wanted his own way, rubbing against the Father's mighty designs ... but not true in this case !!!

I'm actually not sure it happened much at all, in the 1950's/60's, except in my case; and even in that case there were other underlying issues that drove the problems.
It's portrayed in the media as A MODEL/Type BEHAVIOUR.
"You're no son of mine." I actually got that treatment.

It may be rarer and less consequentially bad than psychiatry would have us think.
A kick up the pants does where excessive coddling to the slothful one has failed.

So, it may have been transmitted to parents through television but was not necessarily a common
reality. We have, we inherit, are fated with, and/or we create our own problems.
Not all issues are transmitted, though they can be. They result from ourselves.


Look deeper.

In reality apparently the family were put at odds with the film's premise of parental bullying,
'It wasn't like that', the surviving daughters say, and when Mr Helfgott returned to Aussie from
London's Royal College of Music, he was welcomed back into the family home immediately & cared for.

So that's all misrepresentation and in my mind it's for one result.
Blame the patriarchy for problems they don't even have anything to do with.
His collapse and breakdown were of their own origins. Not induced by excessive fatherly discipline.

It's in the film: He isn't bullied as the film portrays, there were concerns from his Father
about Mr Helfgott going to London; he worried about his Son's well-being on the other
side of the world; that's all that happened according to the family.  There's no bullying.

And that's how it is used. We watch the movie, unknowing and accept that the son's
damage comes from the Father's over-bearing control. It didn't. It's of its own life.
We believe it's real and that the bullying father is the problem and we may read
it into our own experiences when questions arise later on in life. Yes? it works.

In psychiatry, I can tell you; the professionals love to fall back on:
"I think it's due to your Father".

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Title: Re: Bad Psychiatry in The New Order. How we might all come to blame our parents?
Post by: Ye Olde Powder Monkey on Jan 20, 2020, 09:47:16 am
Well moving on a few years, and this is worrying.
No wonder America/Hollywood is so fecked up.
No wonder children today seem so retarded.

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