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BLM 'Officially' Tea Party / Wall St. Movement Co-opted.

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US Cointelpro is alive and well as they sucker the masses yet again.  The original BLM [started by a 60+ year old man] has been 'officially' denied by the globalists that have completely taken over the 'grassroots' movement, just as they did the 'original' Tea Party and anti-Wall St movements.  If you research this you will find that the 'original' BLM movement has been defunded at globalist controlled 'Go-Fundme' because all 'official' globalist channels have publicly separated itself from the original.

Conversely the FEDS have created their right wing Antifa organization the 'Boogaloo' movement.  Buyer Beware

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We got the population brain washed, all in a state of shock.  If you become aware well, we don't particularly care because we have the psy-op industrial complex.

Re: BLM 'Officially' Tea Party / Wall St. Movement Co-opted.
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From 1950s to 2020, nothing has changed.  The US government creates and/or infiltrates mass movements.   This is why learning history is so important. 


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