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Back to THE DARK AGES? Study in Journal Nature tries to ‘blacklist’ skeptics – ¬

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# Here's a mere smidgen sample of the 386 (haha) heretical blasphemers:

The list of 386 people on the climate blacklist reads like an honor roll.  Here’s a sample:

  • Apollo Astronaut Harrison Schmitt – the only scientist to walk on the moon;
  • Apollo Astronaut Walt Cunningham –  from the first crew to ride the Saturn V rocket;
  • Freeman Dyson – The eminent Princeton physicist who postulated the Dyson sphere;
  • Ross McKitrick and Steven McIntyre – the Canadian researchers whose meticulous mathematical audit debunked Michael Mann’s infamous hockey stick graph;
  • Anthony Watts – The prominent meteorologist and creator of Watts Up With That;
  • Rick Perry – The U.S. Secretary of Energy;
  • Judith Curry – A climate scientist with over 130 peer-reviewed papers;
  • Roy Spencer and John Christy – Scientists who manage temperature satellites and developed the first successful satellite temperature record.
  • There won't be enough kindling for all the heretical bonfires these Jocks are going to be setting ...

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