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'Satanic Sacrifice' in New Forest

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'Satanic Sacrifice' in New Forest
« on: Nov 25, 2019, 12:34:16 pm »


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Two sheep are stabbed to death and marked with pentagrams in 'satanic sacrifice' in New Forest National Park in Hampshire

'Fears are growing that a Satanic-style cult is roaming a national park after sheep and cattle were found slaughtered and sprayed with pentagrams.

In the space of five days there has been a spate of apparently cult-inspired attacks on animals within a few miles of each other in Hampshire's New Forest National Park.

Two sheep were found fatally stabbed and marked with pentagrams, three cattle were brutally knifed to death, a heifer was injured and a church was sprayed with Satanic symbols.

The mysterious incidents have all taken place over the last week causing serious concerns for residents and farmers.

Police are investigating the 'unusual' attacks, three of which happened in the quiet village of Bramshaw.

Judy Rudd, who has lived in the New Forest for 40 years, was out walking her two dogs in Bramshaw when she came across the dead sheep.

Mrs Rudd said: 'It had purple and green aerosol symbols sprayed on it. It was a pentagram and a cross. It had been stabbed to death. The wounds were in the side of the body by the rib cage.

'It was very unpleasant... Some people think it's sinister.'

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Re: 'Satanic Sacrifice' in New Forest
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This has been going on for DECADES - but oh no that isn't satanism !   It's all a big joke ..
The local police cover and never mention the relationship ...

David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) - Serial Killer Documentary
Ritualistic Sacrifice and the Son of Sam: Satanic Worship in America’s Greatest Forgotten Garden
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After decades of neglect, the early glory years of Untermyer Park are still apparent in the impressive ruins that remain, along with traces of a darker and far more sinister era that came to follow. Satanic scribblings and ominous graffiti appear on columns, towers, and decrepit walls; cryptic markings alluding to a traumatic time in New York City’s history.

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