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Jeremy Corbyn commits to abolishing House of Lords

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Jeremy Corbyn commits to abolishing House of Lords
« on: May 24, 2018, 06:19:21 am »

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The Independent

Jeremy Corbyn commits to abolishing House of Lords

'Jeremy Corbyn has signalled his intention to push for the abolition of the House of Lords with all new appointments from his party required to pledge they will vote for it in the future.

His spokesman branded the upper chamber of parliament “absurd” and an “undemocratic anachronism”, as he vowed a Labour government would be committed to scrapping it.

He said new members of the chamber recently appointed by the party only gained their peerages on the basis that they would back abolition in any future vote. Spam_A Spam_B While Mr Corbyn’s desire for an elected upper chamber has been longstanding, the latest intervention comes after a major rebellion by existing Labour peers against his policy direction on the EU single market.

Meanwhile, Theresa May’s spokesman defended the prime minister’s decision to appoint new lords last week, including ex-ministers, despite having previously promised to end the right of former frontbenchers to gain a seat in the chamber.

Speaking on Wednesday, Mr Corbyn’s spokesman said he was clear that the leader wants the Lords scrapped.

He appeared to edge beyond the wording of Labour’s 2017 manifesto, which said an elected upper chamber is desirable, but “in the meantime” the party would focus on reducing the size of the current house.'

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