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Trump administration quietly demotes EU ambassador's diplomatic status

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EU furious after Trump administration quietly demotes European ambassador's diplomatic status

'Brussels has expressed fury after the diplomatic status of the European Union’s ambassador to the US was quietly downgraded by the Trump administration.

The move sees the EU’s delegation to America relegated from a member state to an international organisation by the US State Department.

An EU spokesperson told The Independent the 28-member bloc was not notified by Washington over the unannounced “recent change”, and that officials were in discussion with their US counterparts over “possible implications” for the delegation in Washington.

“The ties that we have between Europe and the United States extend well beyond Washington DC and run deep into our societies,” EU spokesperson Maja Kocijancic said.

“It continues to be the case that, even with an evolving transatlantic relationship as is the case today, our partnership on the many issues where our interests continue to converge is vital not just for Europeans, not just for Americans, but for people and countries around the world.

“This is why we are convinced that whatever policy disagreement we may have with the US administration, we remain natural partners, natural friends, and our friendship with the US is here to stay.”

Other EU officials were blunter. “Clearly we’re not happy with this,” said one official in the EU’s External Action Service, which manages its diplomatic relations, who wished to remain anonymous.

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), which first covered the downgrading of ties, reported another official as saying it had "not been well received" in Brussels.'

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