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EU Parliament urges MEPs to adopt ‘gender-neutral’ language

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‘Humanity not mankind’: EU Parliament urges MEPs to adopt ‘gender-neutral’ language

Faced with a fracturing union plagued by internal squabbles, EU Parliament has taken decisive action to solve the bloc’s numerous real-world problems, issuing a pamphlet which urges MEPs to ditch words coined with “man”.

Officials and members in the parliament have been sent guidebooks on using gender-neutral language in all of their official EU-related work and communications, the Telegraph reported on Thursday. Under the new guidelines, European lawmakers will be strongly encouraged to say “chair” instead of “chairman”, “artificial” instead of “man-made”, and “humanity” instead of “mankind.”

“Gender-neutral or gender-inclusive language is more than a matter of political correctness”, the guidebook insists. “Language powerfully reflects and influences attitudes and perceptions.”

The decision has prompted reactions from the country where English originated, especially from those of its citizens who seem to support the UK leaving the bloc.

“Here it comes glad we are leaving,” one Brit on Twitter wrote.

Politically correct European Parliament urges end to words like 'man-made', 'mankind' and 'layman'

— The Telegraph (@Telegraph) December 27, 2018

“Thank f*** we’re leaving! What a load of old s****,” another quipped, using the gender-neutral word for “man-feces.”

Thankfully we will not have to listen to this Brussels-claptrap after the end of March 2019. Goodbye, #EU, good riddance.

— Neil Asher (@NeilNeilasher) December 27, 2018

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