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Snap Election could turn into a referendum on EU and Euro - Italy

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The Independent

Italian president hints that new snap election could turn into a referendum on EU and euro

'Italy's president has hinted that fresh elections could turn into a referendum on the country's membership of the European Union (EU) and the eurozone.

"The uncertainty over our position has alarmed investors and savers both in Italy and abroad," said Sergio Mattarella after he refused to approve the populist parties' choice of eurosceptic economy minister and asked Carlo Cottarelli, an economist with experience at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to become Prime Minister.

"Membership of the euro is a fundamental choice. If we want to discuss it, then we should do so in a serious fashion," he added.

Mr Cottarelli has been asked to form a technocrat government to plan for the polls and pass the next budget. Spam_A Spam_B Italy, the eurozone's third-largest economy, has been trying to form a new government since inconclusive election results in March.

Weeks of political uncertainty have taken a toll on Italy's stock and bond markets, and such fears look set to continue as the elections are likely to be fought over Italy's role in the EU.

The move led the Five Star Movement and anti-immigration League party to accuse him of betraying voters and call for his impeachment.

"This isn't democracy, this isn't respect for the popular vote," said Matteo Salvini of the right-wing League. "It's just the last gasp of the strong powers who want Italy as a frightened, precarious slave."

"The next elections will be a plebiscite: the people and real life versus the old castes and the 'Lords of the Spread,"' Mr Salvini said, referring to financial speculators.'

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'Italy PRIMED and ready' to follow Brexit Britain and QUIT EU – Brussels 'terrified'

'ITALY is “primed and ready” to quit the Brussels bloc and follow Britain out of the European Union after Brexit, a radio caller has claimed.

A radio caller has insisted that Italy is ready to follow Brexit Britain out of the European Union. Speaking on talkRADIO, the caller, known as Geoff, whose wife is Italian, claimed the whole of Italy is “watching” what Britain is doing. He said: “We are very lucky, myself and my wife, to own a second home in Calabria in Italy, my wife is Italian.

“Her family also, the vast majority of it live between Milan or just over the border in Chiasso in Switzerland.

“We speak to these people all the time. I guarantee one thing. If we leave, Italy will follow instantly. The whole of Italy is watching what we do.

“They are primed and ready. Their newspaper headlines are absolutely stacked with ‘this could work for us too’.” Radio host Mike Graham stepped in, claiming the crumbling of the Brussels bloc “is absolutely what the EU is terrified of”.

The radio caller added: “The Italians all know that. They are trying to make it difficult.

“I was talking to my wife’s brother the other day, he said he can’t believe how they have bullied us and bullied us to stop us leaving because they know if we leave it will be like the Pied Piper, they will all be going.

“The French are on the same boat, but my wife’s family in Chiasso, they think it is hilarious we ever joined in the first place.”

Earlier this month the Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini boasted that the EU faces a change after the European elections in May.

Claudio Borghi, chairman of the lower house budget committee, suggested that Italy should leave the European Union unless there is a decisive shift toward populist parties in European Parliament elections in May.'

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