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IONIC SILVER, to my best TIME-SERVED personal experience. — Use Sparingly, only.

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My home setup.

It took me now, less than 5 minutes from start to working, to set this up.

If you're actually worried about close contact with other people? It works!
I don't recommend taking it willy-nilly, if you're older, with more fragile guts.
So, I recommend based on 5-yrs experience: use it after close contact, if you're concerned.

I brew mine in a Borosilicate beaker (which can be heated, if you want).
I use an antique current controlled regulated Power-supply with a current of about 1.0 Milliamperes.
That's at a voltage of up to ~3.5V DC but starting lower, (otherwise current races at first), say 1.7V.

So, yes a battery of 1.2/1.6V (AA) would do. Space the silver elements well. Available cheaply on Bay.

Any questions on how to actually build it, using throw away stuff from your spare-junk drawers?
Just ask. I can help, or provide links for the battery version. It's not difficult; easily wangled.

The brew will get cloudy quickly, whatever power source you use. Give it a wee stir every 30-minutes.

As for Colloidal Silver? That means heating it up after production, very hot, with something like Golden-syrup or perhaps for Yanks: Maple syrup. That puts the silver in suspension, bonded to the molecules of syrup, in even distribution. A lengthy process which may need a heated magnetic stirrer, and is unnecessary except in commercial product. At home, just give your brew a good-stir before drinking, and only drink a quarter to a third of a 350ml beaker at one sitting. During the day.

I have a STEWART heated-magnetic-stirrer and I've never used it yet; it's just superfluous to the basics.

As you know, this whole thing is most probably the 2nd WHO/GPMB/World-Bank exercise.
And we are probably, all, at extremely low risk. Prince Charles, H. Weinstein. Greta Thunderpants?
How convenient.

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add in a ppm meter ...  most kits put 3 9 volt batteries together for 24 volts ...  But I agree  lower voltage for ionic silver Ag+, not Silver Oxide.
vary 100 ppm to 400 ppm depending on usage
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using one or three 9-volt batterie

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