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Why Twin Towers false flag was planned from 1989

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Why Twin Towers false flag was planned from 1989
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Why Twin Towers false flag was planned from 1989 - Robert David Steele
By John Brindley - Staff Author

FORMER CIA spy and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Robert David Steele claims there were THREE primary motives for America’s shocking 9/11 false flag - and planning started at least 12 years previously.

The demolition of the World Trade Centre and alleged attack on the Pentagon have most frequently been linked with the subsequent War on Terror.

But Steele, who last year sent a series of 28 memoranda featuring a series of different authors calling President Donald Trump to fulfil his election campaign promise to make public the truth about 9/11, claims this was far from the whole story.

He says new information revealed in his communication to Trump included a claim the Twin Towers had been condemned as far back as 1989 and the estimated cost of removing them was $2billion.

In addition, a legal controlled demolition was ruled out due to asbestos and toxins.

It is then further alleged in the documents that planning for the 9/11 false flag started between 1989 and 1993 by Defence Secretary Dick Cheney under President George H W Bush. The third much lesser known motive, according to Steele, was to launder $240 billion for a covert gold war against Russia that was neither authorised by congress nor revealed to the public.

Steele was hoping Trump would use the information in his speech on the 17<sup>th</sup> anniversary of 9/11 last year but was disappointed as the President’s only oblique reference was ‘justice first, 9/11 truth comes later’.

Steele is himself a highly controversial figure in the truth movement considering his self-confessed links with the Deep State which included organising a false flag operation for the CIA.

He has also denied being a ‘whistleblower’ despite in recent years featuring in numerous interviews, blogs and campaigns calling for the Deep State and the ‘two party tyranny’ in America to be brought to book.

In his latest interview – see below – he says he still has belief that Trump will act correctly but does not rule out joining the 2020 race for the White House himself.

Steele cites a campaign meeting held by Trump on February 15, 2016 in Bluffton, South Carolina, in which the then Presidential candidate promised to find out and inform the American public ‘who really knocked down the World Trade Centre’.

Trump’s interest in 9/11 goes back to when he was interviewed in the aftermath of planes allegedly causing the destruction of the Twin Towers.

His initial impression as a businessman with knowledge of such buildings, including the World Trade Centre itself, was that there could be other factors involved.


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