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9/11 – Flight 93 "Crash" – Debunking Deep State Myths

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9/11 – Flight 93 "Crash" – Debunking Deep State Myths
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9/11 – Flight 93 "Crash" – Debunking Deep State Myths

This is part 3 of the series. The other 2 articles regard the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 and can be found via the links below;

9/11 - Controlled Demolition - Debunking Deep State Myths

Ever get the feeling that the powers-that-be think we're all stupid?! Maybe back in 2001 many of us were still oblivious to a lot of what goes on, but that's not the case so much nowadays. Yet they still try and peddle their ludicrous claptrap to us; maybe it's not their fault, they're on the Deep State payroll and have an unenviable job to do for them.

Not that we should have any pity. If I was asked to cover up 9/11, like NIST were, I would have had to resign out of a sense of "bullshit can only be spun so far before it flies off the wheel" or something to that effect. And guilt, pure unadulterated guilt, combined with simply not being corrupt enough.

There are actually a large group of pseudo and semi-real-ish scientists who have dedicated their lives to debunking all of the 9/11 "conspiracy theories".  And they're really bad at it. These people are either paid off or as dumb as the likes of NIST and our governments would like us to be. So please allow me to pull them all apart. Spam_A Spam_B It's a fairly simple process to look at the evidence for what the official narrative claimed was a "gravitational collapse" and realise that it was a blatant case of "Controlled Demolition".

Many who consider themselves "awake" already know that there is no way that the NIST version of events is true, such as the alleged "planes" bringing the Towers down. But I want to provide some more detailed scientific evidence that even the most enlightened among us may not be aware of.

What follows is conclusive of a false-flag, cover-up and inside-job regarding the fall of the Twin Towers. Kept simple.

"Sagging Trusses" is actually a theory that NIST and the government stand by. The central core of steel and the outer steel shell of each building were linked together by steel trusses. NIST have us believe that due to extreme heat, these trusses bent and dragged the outer steel inwards as they bent, thus dragging the both Towers down...

NIST says that the fireproofing on these trusses was "widely dislodged". However, there is absolutely ZERO evidence of this. The extreme heat I mentioned was nowhere near the temperatures necessary to actually weaken the steel anyway. Not only that, NIST also cannot explain how the trusses could have pulled the much stronger outer steel of each structure inwards, especially if those trusses were indeed compromised.

However, the initial beginnings of the collapse of each tower CAN be explained easily by controlled demolition. The incredibly strong central steel core was literally blown up strategically and professionally and the trusses pulled slightly at the outer steel before coming away and going down with everything else.

Watch a video of the North Tower go down, it had a huge TV antenna on top.  You will notice this antenna starts falling just before the rest of the building. This was because the central core, the strongest part of the structure, had just been destroyed.

An "official" comprehensive explanation for the total collapse of the Twin Towers is not available because NIST don't have one! They acknowledge this. They made no attempts to perform any scientific experiments to demonstrate why they came down. If they did, they clearly felt they couldn't publish the results for one reason or another...

However, the total collapse of each tower and the manner in which they fell is 100% compatible with controlled demolition. This can be seen by comparing their demise, and that of building 7, with videos of the controlled demolition of other buildings. Experts in this field also confirm there is no other way they could have fallen like they did.

As the upper sections of each of the Twin Towers fell, they accelerated to almost free fall speed. Thus, it's impossible to explain the collapse by gravitational forces only, unless you feel like violating certain fundamental laws of physics.

However, this collapse at near free fall speed is totally consistent with that of controlled demolition.

Shyum Sunder, the lead investigator for NIST said the following on the record;
"A free fall time would be an object that has no structural components [resistance] below it... Tower 1 collapsed in about 11 seconds and Tower 2 collapsed in about 9 seconds. This is essentially the rate at which free fall would happen..."

A huge amount of witnesses heard and experienced enormous explosions, far too many people to discount. These explosions can NOT be explained by jet fuel, all the fuel on board the 2 "planes" burnt up in a matter of seconds.

John McLoughlin of the Port Authority police stated "...going into Tower 1 we heard a loud explosion coming from the area of building [Tower] 2 and at that point, building 2 was collapsing".

Many people were filmed speaking about hearing extremely powerful explosions. There was actually a very close series of explosions DURING the collapse of each tower. Civilians, Firemen and Police on the scene all describe these in the same way; "BOOM...BOOM...BOOM..." approximately 1 second apart as the collapses began.

Various Firemen in particular vocalise this as a lot more than 3 "BOOMS".  They also describe how a succession of many more, very closely timed detonations followed as each Tower was falling.  LOTS of Booms.

Then we have the "Squibs". All those little explosions that we've probably all seen by now, large puffs of smoke being ejected. However, these squibs can NOT be explained by air pressure or any other rubbish as NIST would like you to think. You know why? They were going off as many as 40 floors below the level of collapse as it was occurring.

This simply does not and can not happen in a gravitational collapse. Squibs like this are actually a tell-tale signature of a controlled demolition. They kind of give the game away on their own.

Do you remember seeing all those diagonal cuts on the steel columns at Ground Zero? Some had what are known as "V cuts" too. These too are both signatures of controlled demolition, explosives placed as strips at a 45 degree angle across a steel beam.

Debris from the towers was thrown LATERALLY outwards as far as 600 feet in every direction. I say "debris", many pieces that were ejected weighed several tonnes. NOT POSSIBLE based on what NIST say happened but totally compatible with controlled demolition. It was perhaps even engineered this way to cause as much collateral damage as possible, but that's just speculation...

Moving on to the fires that raged in and under the rubble. They were not fully put out until December 19th, that's over 3 months after 9/11! The "United States Department of Labor" website wrote an article entitled "A dangerous workplace". In it they wrote how underground fires burned at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani confirmed these facts on national TV.

The Journal of the American Society of Safety Engineers stated "Thermal measurements taken by helicopter each day showed underground temperatures ranging from 400F to 2800F." 2800 degrees Fahrenheit just happens to be the melting point of steel...

Molten steel was constantly being found under the rubble at Ground Zero. Firemen who worked at the site told of how they saw molten steel all over the place, running in channels like they were in a foundry. They also described it "like lava from a volcano".

None of this can be explained by jet fuel, office fires or the collapse of the towers. Only specialist explosive materials are capable of generating such temperatures. Even concrete was melted, this could all only occur in a controlled demolition.

Almost all of the material that made up the Twin Towers, from concrete floors to office furnishings, was completely obliterated. Bodies of victims were literally vaporised as if they had never existed. Yet again, NIST's version of events is not indicative of such levels of destruction. But you know what is?... Yes, controlled demolition and all those explosives that are used as standard.

Niels Harrit Ph.D is a scientist who analysed some independently collected dust samples from Ground Zero. He discovered "unreacted thermitic material" in the form of tiny red/grey chips. These chips were STILL reacting... they produced molten iron, an indicator of a thermitic reaction that could be used to bring down steel structures.

He confirms that the chips contained a modern version of Thermite called "Nano-Thermite". This is not simply a mixture of the relevant powders, this stuff is "built" from the atomic level up.

The "ingredients" of this material are much smaller, which means they are more easily ignited and react a lot faster. This in turn makes it a much more powerful explosive.

Iron Oxide and Aluminium are the basic components of Thermite. Chemical Engineer Mark Basile emphasised how these "chips" had no place being in the rubble. Nothing from the materials the building or indeed the airplanes consisted of can somehow come together to create Thermite! He too pointed to it being Nano-Thermite which needs to be professionally manufactured, it can NOT just be thrown together.

This presence of Thermite also explains why the fires at Ground Zero could not be extinguished and also the ridiculously high temperatures. Over 3 MONTHS of fires burning up to temperatures that will melt steel.

Many of these fires were also deep in the rubble, oxygen-starved for all intents and purposes. So how did they keep burning? Thermite actually has it's own built-in oxidant fuel source. This allows the incendiary reaction to take place almost anywhere, even under WATER!

I believe that I have every right to reach that verdict. All bases have been covered here. Every single proposition put forward by NIST has been refuted and invalidated as far as I'm concerned.

There is no alternative explanation as to why the Twin Towers came down how they did, apart from controlled demolition. It certainly didn't happen like NIST and the official Deep State, shadow government narrative tells us.

9/11 was one of the greatest tragedies and crimes of modern history. It's also one of the most horrific examples of how far the few are prepared to go to get what they want. We are nothing more than irritating ants, only good for what we can GIVE them. We are not allowed to take.

All the evidence is there, this is only a tiny fraction of the 9/11 catalogue of lies. I am prepared to tear the whole official narrative to pieces, bit by bit, the information is available.

The Deep State will fall one day, I can sense their downfall brewing and we must believe that they sense it too.
My dream one day is for those responsible to be held to account and pay a price similar to those of their victims. Not just victims of 9/11 but those of every heinous act they have committed against us, the people, the insignificant masses.

I will never stop exposing the truth until someone stops me.


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