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Forced Vaccinations a Blatant Violation of the Nuremberg Code

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Mandatory/Forced Vaccinations a Blatant Violation of the Nuremberg Code

If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson

We as a nation stand on the precipice of medical tyranny with a supposed government agency (actually a corporate entity … FACT) mandated for our protection, seeking or proclaiming the power to mandate or force vaccinations on We The People through power or consent not granted it by said people. Yes I am talking about the CDC. When a government can force medication into the bodies of the Unwilling masses and their most vulnerable children without their consent, what makes them any less guilty than those put to death by the Nuremberg trials for medical experimentation against the consent or will of their participants, or crimes committed against humanity? We will discuss this in much more detail as this article progresses.

A little recent history …

Here is a short video discussing the ethical questions raised by many concerned parents during the debates leading up to the implementation of SB277 in California. The focus here is the concerns of these educated parents who were very aware of the possibilities of vaccine damage, wanting to know who gets to decide if the (possible) gains outweigh the (known) risks …

If you think the opening paragraph a harsh statement, lets look at the facts.

Vaccines are scientifically proven to have side-effects ranging from mild to catastrophic. These may include anything from a mild rash, a compromised immune system, sterility, cognitive dysfunction (brain damage), paralysis, cancer, to … death and many more “proven” issues not mentioned here.

We are constantly being told by the healthcare personnel we trust that the chance of vaccine damage is “Less than one in a million”, yet statistics prove over and over again that this is a totally erroneous and massively understated number, with the actual occurrences of harm caused by vaccines being massively higher, and in fact … very common.

Even with the cases reported being well in excess of the laughable quote stated above, we must also consider that the CDC itself states that as few as 1 – 10% of vaccine damage incidents are ever reported as such, making the possible total ‘Magnitudes Higher’ than what we are made aware of via the CDC or the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is stating Proposed Changes Restrict Vaccine Reaction Reporting, making these incidences of vaccine damage even more difficult to track or tally (intentionally).

Now lets consider that the vaccine court (VICP) in this country has already paid out well over $3 BILLION in damages, and this is to only a very small percentage of possible claimants who actually get their cases heard, and can prove damage to a (known) biased system of supposed justice.'

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Re: Forced Vaccinations in Serbia
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Al Bundy

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I am afraid EU dictator of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic next year will attack on children in Serbia. One women Doctor Jovana Stojkovic formed
a movement against Forced Vaccination but none TV station won`t let to say what they think about that.
Neither Public TV Service ( RTS ) , neither private TV stations under control of President Vucic neither pro-Western TV station owns by
foreigners ( Soros , CNN ... ).

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Re: Forced Vaccinations in Serbia
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The Law on the Protection of Population from Infectious Diseases brought in an unprecedented agreement by the authorities and the "opposition" in Article 32 deprives every citizen of the right to decide whether to be vaccinated or not.

Compulsory vaccination is contrary to the will of children, but also health workers, who by some miracle, resist vaccination without consequences, while parents and children are being persecuted by judicial, institutional and media.

However, according to the new Rulebook on Immunization from January 1, 2020, employees in health institutions will have to be vaccinated against the following infectious diseases: Hepatitis B, influenza, smallpox, rubella, mumps, diphtheria, large cough, meningococcal disease, varicella, but also other infectious diseases according to epidemiological indications, and will be able to feel under their own skin the benefits of compulsory vaccination, and then with their own experience to dedicate themselves to the greatest civilization achievement, an opportunity to restore confidence in the practice of vaccination and raise the scope.

Until then, there will be already already worked teams with the blessing of the Association of Pediatricians of Serbia who, after the inspired lectures sponsored by GlaxoSmithKlaine, a MMR vaccine manufacturer, will call for the fight against their asking questions and who disagree with human rights violations, but and insisted on the "objective reporting of the media", more precisely the specific persons whose objectivity, according to the writing of some real journalists, is measured at 50,000 dinars a month, and who are tasked with bringing down and raising public opinion on the advocates of non-compulsory vaccination by inconsistent claims that the epidemics are due to the non-vaccinated and they are deadly.

Of course, this all happens only in Serbia, a country of primitive xenophobia and stupid paranoia, while in the vaccinated children in Europe cheerfully run in the meadow, and the sun spins their hair.

But do not lie back, xenophobic, paranoid Serb, and even when it has internet, the fruit is strange.

So the person concerned can go to Batut website and find Table 3 "Results of implemented immunizations in the Republic of Serbia in the period from 2001 to 2013. "Which clearly shows that coverage of MMR with vaccine began to decline after 2011, while GI for non-compulsory vaccination was established only in 2015 in response to repressive law, and the issue of elementary logic - how the operation of the Association founded in 2015 caused a decline covers after 2011?

f she goes, do not give God, to the World Health Organization website and looks at the coverage for the same vaccine, will there be somewhat different data (that the man asks whose exact ones?) Who say that Serbia had a coverage of 95% only during the FOUR years 1984 to 2016

On the same site, in a table showing the number of cases of smallpox in Serbia, it can be seen that after 1984, when vaccination was introduced with another dose of vaccine, as much as it is received today, registered 104,620 cases of smallpox, ending in 2016.

When the duty car chauvinists explain to us, and the zealous parrots repeat to imbecility that the world planned to free the smallpox by 2015, but because of the dark anti-vaccine forces it is not, they omit, and very probably do not know that respectable scientists in the world speak about the failure of the current vaccination program, as well as the question of whether anything is possible at all.

Thus, Gregory Poland (Vaccine 2012 Jan 5; 30 (2): 103-104) suggests that "epidemics of the goddesses appear where they are least expected" and that epidemics have been reported in the United States since 2005 with a surprising number of cases among previously vaccinated people. He states that in the period from 1989 to 1991, in the epidemics, a percentage of 20-40% vaccinated was reported, and in Canada in 2011, over 50% were vaccinated among sick people in the epidemic of smallpox and that epidemics of smallpox also occur in highly vaccinated populations due to primary and secondary failure of immunization. He continues to wonder if the current vaccine is sufficiently immunogenic and effective to lead to eradication and concludes that due to the large number of well-educated parents (in the translation of some Serbian epidemiologists - dumb, uneducated, evil) who refuse this vaccine for safety reasons but also practical and immunological limitations, a new vaccine is needed.

Hefernan (PMID: 19324753) predicts a mathematical model that after a long period of time there will be no more epidemics than can be predicted by standard models, and all because the vaccination does not leave lifelong immunity. You do not need to be a mathematical genius like this author to understand that unvaccinated children are not mortally dangerous.

If we take Batut data for 2015 about the number of people in Serbia and divides by years of life, as well as the claim of an American doctor (Hedrich AW 1930, American Journal of Epidemiology) who first recognized collective immunity with his natural meaning and pointed out that 95% towns overtake smallpox by the 15th birthday, we will get the following information:

1 :
By 2015, in Serbia no one has ever vaccinated smallpox, safe immunity (people who certainly can not get infected with smallpox) would be 85.59% and would protect all over 15 years of age. In the current situation, when we have a vaccination against smallpox since 1971, the percentage of "safe immune" is based on people over 46 years of age and is about 47.4%.

2 :
If we take into account Poland's data that the primary failure of vaccination occurs in up to 10% of cases, and according to La Baron, after 33 years of vaccination, 33% of vaccinated patients have no antibody titers that would protect it in 2015, in case they are absolutely all children vaccinated, the theoretical collective immunity in the country would amount to 85.67%, with the possibility that mothers and adults in whom the vaccine did not work, who would have a greater chance of complications and death, as well as infants less protected by antibodies of vaccinated mothers, two groups that were very rarely ill before the vaccination era.

Pre-era apocalypse riders from BLIC, knowledge of disease and treatment were in the doctors and researchers' field, and in 1967. Senceru Public Health Reports describes the "deadly epidemic" of smallpox: "Complications are rare, with adequate medical care mortality is rare ... in the big cities of the epidemic occur at 2-3 years and last from early winter, with peak in spring, to closing schools. "He explains that the epidemic of smallpox is only limiting and occurs when 45-50% of children under 15 be sensitive to the virus, or not to overwhelm the smallpox. The epidemic lasts until the percentage of sensitive children drops to 30-35% and then the epidemic itself ends.

So in every epidemic in the era before vaccination, 10-15% of children under the age of 15 were ill, who were not infected with smallpox and nobody else!

This was at the same time a time when children were the most easily overcome this disease, which has moved around the world, even in our country, with vaccination in the older years, when complications and deaths are more frequent.

When we look at what a man who introduced the vaccination against smallpox to America and compare it with statements from well-known death scots from the time of animal flu, we need to ask ourselves who is crazy, bought or blackmailed here.

Langmuir back in 1962. The American Journal of Public Health describes smallpox as "only limiting infection, moderately serious, short duration and low mortality". In relation to all other illnesses that were then vaccinated, it is estimated that the significance of smallpox "can not be compared with any of these diseases," and justifies the introduction of vaccination, at least by unpredictable reasons, and states that this is done for "human reasons" because "every parent who sees his little child suffering with high temperature, wants to be prevented, if that can be done safely," but also because "effective control and eradication tools are available to us".

According to the estimates of these father's smallpox vaccines presented in the paper "Epidemiological basis for eradication of measles in 1967", "the effective use of these vaccines during this winter and spring will lead to eradication (!) Of smallpox in the US in 1967."

Obviously, even after 50 years, this goal has not been achieved and probably will not, but not because of the vaccinees that only have real immunity after the illness, but precisely because of the dubious efficacy of the vaccine and susceptibility of the vaccinated, as well as the dying of the naturally-diseased population, which Hefernan predicts in the above work.

(Ne) knowing this, the team of various sons, todorovic and the mad-bought-blackened pro-ece, realize that playing their emotions is the only card that can sway the uninformed public to fighters for freedom of choice and the preservation of the last crumb of dignity and integrity of the inhabitants of the campsite Serbia . That is why in recent days, like a cheeky raven, they dress around unfortunate children who are struggling to live because of their innate state, to which every infection can take their lives, expecting a positive sweep on smallpox, if they would not have satanic and justified their shameful engagement in intimidation and deprivation of people elementary human rights.


How will healthy non-vaccinated children, the main target of their persecution, endanger the child in a hospital in a special regimen because of their condition, when children are not allowed access to hospitals?
Will the potential transmitters be just adults who are "protected" by the vaccine?

Why not mention 6 general and even 11 specific measures to protect the population from infectious diseases in addition to vaccinations, which epidemiological services have available to control epidemics and successfully overcome 200 different epidemics a year, but the emphasis is on the vaccine as "the only спас "?

For what reason John Hopkins Hospital in its manual for immune compromised patients emphasized that patients are not visited by acutely ill with infectious diseases, but also recently vaccinated against diseases such as smallpox, rubyola, sheep goddess, childhood paralysis with the recommendation that avoid contact with almost vaccinated children and what kind of "just" punishment will be required if a freshly vaccinated child transfers morbiles immune compromised?

Why there was no worsened panic for immune compromised in the epidemics of 2007 and 2011 when there were cases of morbillas and at the department of hematooncology (where exactly immunocompromised children lie) and was the "appropriate coverage" a reason for the lack of it?

According to Batut information, ending December 22, 2017. In Serbia, 603 cases of smallpox were reported, of which 201 laboratory was confirmed. In translation, according to the latest diagnostic criteria, it would be fair to say that there are 201 cases of smallpox, as the textbook from Infectious Diseases on page 220 says: "Today, in the vaccinated environment, the diagnosis can only be based on a specific serological finding. The vaccination data does not exclude the diagnosis. "Out of this number of reported cases, which is always more when monitoring is increased, because every temperature is reported with suspicion as a suspicion of smallpox, 254 cases are from the territory of Kosovo and Metohija and are constantly present in" objective "media reports, although it has been for years back in the reports of Batut epidemiological picture from the territory of the southern Serbian province presented separately from Central Serbia and Vojvodina, and we are fundamentally suspicious that this sudden patriotism is the result of an "intensified fight against the antiviral lobby."

It is also interesting that the story of the epidemic in KiM started after a famed pediatrician in Nis in October, although, according to Hamdi Ramadani, Director of the Infectious Clinic in Pristina for Birn, the beginning of the epidemic was in June.

Even more interesting is the statement of Eva Pireva of the National Institute of Public Health, who said that the coverage of the MMR with the vaccine was high 93-94%, but also that during the Immunization Week in April, the so-called " "Kosovo" with 95% covers vaccination, according to local health minister, one of the most successful "countries" in the world after the vaccination of children.

Serbian doctor Zoran Vukadinovic told News that at the beginning of October there were 5 cases of morbillom, of which four were epidemiologically related to people from the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, and that five patients received both doses of MMR vaccine, two by one , and for one person there is no data on vaccination!

Thus, the epidemic began with a "high-coverage" country, transferred to four vaccinated and one possible vaccinated and spread further.


1 Who is to blame for the fact that, despite the high inclusion of the so- "Kosovo" reported an epidemic?
2 Who is to blame for the fact that they were first vaccinated in the Serbian section, who were supposed to be "protected"?

Certainly not a manufacturer who in the instructions for the vaccine fences himself, "as with any other vaccine, vaccination with MMR-VaxPRO does not have to provide protection for all vaccinated individuals.

"Certainly not a country that prescribes mandatory vaccination, but it is not a producer that should be responsible for the quality of its product. They are not even the ones who promise to be "rescued in the vaccination", because they only implement the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the same ones that are condemned by Resolution no. 1749 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe of June 24, 2010 ("1) ... alarmed by the way in which the pandemic influenced the impact, not only by the World Health Organization (WHO), but also by the relevant health authorities of the EU and countries. Particularly problematic are the decisions that have been taken that have led to blaming the priorities of public health services across Europe, the plunge of huge amounts of public money and the unjustifiable fears about the health risks that Europe faces. 2) The Parliamentary Assembly emphasizes that major shortcomings have been identified with regard to the transparency of the pandemic decision-making process that created doubts about the possible impact of the pharmaceutical industry on some of the major pandemic decisions. ")

But there is no concern for this happy family. While the apocalypse is for them $ 50,000. they can each month make the killings of children, and from the disenfranchised citizens "antivirus mafia", they sleep peacefully with the blessing of the Minister of Health. As long as there are lawyers who are silent on the violation of the Constitution, human rights activists who see nothing wrong in the forced vaccination of children, doctors who are more important than what the boss orders them from what is written in medical ethics, thieves and psychiatric patients who lead lynn groups Internet, freedom will not be, because we do not deserve it.

If the opposite happens, it will answer.

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Major Florida clinic at children’s hospital now refuses all unvaccinated kids

'Myself and many others have been warning that what has happened in California could happen on a larger scale. That’s why I worked so hard to #CanPan. If you are a parent you simply MUST know your rights as they pertain to vaccines and if you live in a state where your rights are erroding you’ve either got to move or have a plan.

Below is an image of an alleged letter that’s being sent to parents of children who see doctors from the Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine clinic in Sarasota, Florida. It seems that beginning on November 1st they stopped serving unvaccinated children- including those with religious exemptions or alternative vaccine schedules. Spam_A Spam_B <img class="size-full img-responsive wp-image-506579 aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="540" height="960" />

Apparently the clinic will give people 90-days to comply or find another doctor. And many are now wondering if “…the hospital will now refuse children with autoimmune diseases, or children compromised in ways that prevent them from getting a vaccine.”1

To clarify, only the clinic will refuse to see the unvaccinated.
But, as one of our readers commented, “They’re getting desperate. It’s a sign actually, that the paradigm IS shifting and people are waking up… they’re having to fight harder to hold onto the lie.” We couldn’t have said it better.

As in all things in life, the pendullum swings. It seems likely that at some point in the future it will swing back towards at least the middle; people will once again see the benefit of choice and stop being so terrified of things like Chicken Pox, but until that happens, we must educate ourselves and be prepared.'




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