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GM humans : via Vaccines - with synthetic genes will alter your DNA

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GM humans: New vaccines made with synthetic genes will alter your DNA (what David Icke warns about in his absolutely explosive new book)


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Can Vaccines Be Tied Into Social Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism: A Neuro-musculoskeletal Specialist MD Explains

NOVEMBER 26, 2016

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Before I drop some rather shocking vaccine information on readers relative to Artificial Intelligence [AI] and Transhumanism, and how most of today’s technologies are structured toward programming the human brain/mind to become a part of AI, let me just say that when I studied human nutrition, pregnant women were advised not to take any sort of medications, including aspirin! What’s happened that today, mothers-to-be are shot up with several vaccines?

A well-qualified and learned physician, Dr Graham Downing, who is a Neuro-musculoskeletal and Functional Medicine consultant in the UK, was interviewed on The Richie Allen Show posted November 24, 2016 where he dropped scientific information about how vaccines work in pregnant women, their fetuses and in vaccinated infants.  Those disclosures are something no one would want not to know, I think, as Dr Downing’s statements about the published science involved point to why so many vaccines apparently are being invented and will be mandated for all humans.

Here’s a hint: Vaccines may be part and parcel of the New World Order’s agenda for Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism!

As Dr Downing points out, vaccinating pregnant women induces and/or creates inflammation in their bodies and also increases the risk of releasing inflammatory markers in their fetuses/infants. Such releases include phenotypes [the set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment (1)].

Aren’t vaccines an environmental health hazard chock full of neurotoxic ingredients, e.g., ethylmercury (Thimerosal), aluminum, formaldehyde/Formalin, and other chemicals e.g., sodium borate, detergent, polysorbate 80, inset cells, human fetal cells (diploid), [7] etc.?  That sounds more like a HazMat situation, or even a toxic waste dump, rather than some prophylactic to improve immunity!

Furthermore, Doctor contends that from vaccines there’s an increase in inflammatory cells, which also are elevated in the fetal brain where cytokines release glutamates.  The prefrontal lobes and the limbic system, which involves human emotions, are affected in fetuses from pregnancy vaccines administered to moms-to-be.

According to Dr Downing, vaccines damage the front part of the brain!  Aluminum, aka aluminium, a vaccine adjuvant in four formulations, prohibits glutathione production which is needed for detoxification.  Furthermore, a pharmaceutical-created-enzyme-deficiency prevents detoxification capabilities for baby.  Purkinje cells in the brain also are damaged.

Additionally, pregnancy vaccines create physiological distress in pregnant women along with impacting the developing right hemisphere of the male fetus.  Gross motor skills in male fetuses are impacted negatively, which coincides with more males being diagnosed with Autism.  The right hemisphere of the brain controls social skills.  “The research is there.”

Another ‘tool’ in the AI project is computers, the computer tablet, and their games ostensibly designed to be addictive!  They decrease the frontal brain activity, according to Dr Downing.  All those computer games on phones and iPads ‘inadvertently’ have a ‘designed or accidental purpose’ in addition to being entertainment.  Those computer games apparently decrease frontal lobe and the anterior cingulate cortex activity, creating “a mess in the brain,” he says.

One of the scary points Dr Downing makes is that cell phones are creating social problems by messing with human brains.  [Microwaves cause electromagnetic frequencies that impact the human brain greatly and their damage is called non-thermal adverse health effects, I offer.]

Small children, who are two and three years old using computers-games apparently experience increases in dopamine, a brain neurotransmitter, according to Dr Downing.  Psychopaths have high dopamine!

How does the Artificial Intelligence Agenda fit in?

Is AI a deliberate agenda or is it for corporate profits, Dr Downing asks.   Dr Downing says there are five year and fifteen year goals for AI.  The fifteen year goal is to have AI run everything, including humans!  You have to listen to his comments about that aspect—one word: “frightening!”   To ‘authentic’ his remarks, Doctor cited a report issued by the White House, “A Federal Vision for Future Computing: A Nanotechnology-inspired Grand Challenge.”  Here’s what that 15-page report is about:

Create a new type of computer that can proactively interpret and learn from data, solve unfamiliar problems using what it has learned, and operate with the energy efficiency of the human brain. [3]

[Basically, it’s an artificial brain to replace the human brain.  Also, they want to create a new soul for humans, too!]

Guess who’s involved?

Collaborating Agencies: Department of Energy (DOE), National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Defense (DOD), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Intelligence Community (IC) [3]

What does that tell you?

However, Dr Downing says that Stephen Hawking [4] supposedly is afraid of Artificial Intelligence: “potentially more dangerous than nukes.”  And we will allow that to happen to us and our children?

How about “artificial intelligence for autistic kids”!

Ostensibly and according to Dr Downing, today’s humans are an obsolete version of Silicon Valley’s dream of what humans ought to be.  Do you consider yourself obsolete?

You can hear Dr Downing’s scientific discussion about vaccines, pregnancy and the Artificial Intelligence—Transhumanism agenda on the “Unborn Babies Being Prepared for AI and Transhumanism through Vaccines and Medicine” show in this video.[/quote]

William Casey, former CIA Director (1981), supposedly said, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”  If that were a prognostication of sorts, then what do you think about pregnant women mandated to receive vaccines; 24-hour-old neonates being injected with the Hepatitis B vaccine; and 2, 4 and 6-month-old babies receiving up to nine vaccines at one time in view of what Dr Downing says about brain damage from vaccines?

‘Vaccines are safe’ is the fraudulent-science-prone CDC and FDA’s mantra.

Why has autism, first reported in 1943 as Kanner syndrome [5], skyrocketed from one in 10,000/15,000 in the late 1970s to one in 68 [1 in 68 children (1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls)] according to the CDC’s 2014 statistics?  Recall what Dr Downing said about the brain’s developing right hemisphere in male fetuses and their gross motor skills when their pregnant mothers received vaccines.

“There is a great deal of evidence to prove that immunization of children does more harm than good.” – Dr. J. Anthony Morris, Former Chief Vaccine Control Officer, US FDA

“The only safe vaccine is one that is never used.” – Dr. James A. Shannon, MD, Former Director, National Institutes of Health (1955-1968)

“The incidence of asthma has been found to be five times more common in vaccinated children.” – The Lancet, 1994. [6]

Why is the U.S. Congress stonewalling on its oversight duty concerning HHS, CDC and FDA regarding toxic vaccines and validly-documented, whistleblower-proven, scientific fraud at the CDC [8], and not rescinding the “get out of jail free” card it gave to vaccine makers in 1986?  In this short video, there’s more discussion about CDC fraud.

Video unavailable
This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

Other countries citizens can sue for vaccine damages; why has Congress disenfranchised U.S. citizens of our rights to legal redress for health damages under U.S. product liability laws?  Good question?!

Lastly: “social engineering” of vaccines and the false meme being constructed around them

November 21, 2016, New York University’s Langone Medical Center in NYC held its “Confronting Vaccine Resistance: Strategies For Success” conference, which Dr Suzanne Humphries, MD, of “Dissolving Illusions” fame attended, took notes and graciously shared with the VAXXED production crew’s Polly Tommey.  Dr Humphries contends the conference was about “social engineering of medical professionals” regarding the forcing of vaccine mandates upon parents and those who question vaccines.

The conference panel included pro-vax luminaries like Paul Offit, MD, co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine; Senator Richard Pan, MD, the propelling force behind California’s draconian SB277; and Dorit Rubenstein Reiss, PhD, pro-vaccine acolyte [9] among others who waxed profusely about how to ‘sell’ vaccines—or should I say—force vaccines onto parents, especially those who have questions and take more of pediatricians and doctors office time!

After watching the 45 minute video of Dr Humphries’ debriefing of that conference, I think she may have been describing what may literally have been a ‘tar and feather anecdotal fest’ about those who question the supposed safety and fraud in vaccines.

By the way, Dr Humphries says that the medical term “herd immunity” has been nixed in favor of “community immunity,” which they are pushing to have 99 percent of the population conform to!

However, what many question is the FACT that medical doctors who have gone through the indoctrination process of medical school; earned their ‘stripes’ and degrees; passed the rigors of internship; and have pushed and injected vaccines experience a complete change of mind and heart to the point where, after being confronted by well-informed parents about the dangers of vaccines, even issue letters of apology to their patients.  Here’s one from Dr Rachael L Ross, MD, PhD.

Even the CDC had to issue an ‘apology’ of sorts about the flu vaccine.  In 2014 the warning went like this

How many readers know about or have seen the apology that CDC whistleblower William Thompson, PhD, sent to none other than Dr Andrew Wakefield, which is most revealing?, I’d say:[/size]

“I apologize again for the price you paid for my dishonesty.”

[To which Dr Wakefield replied:]

“I forgive you completely and without any bitterness.”

[Dr William Thompson’s reply:]

“I know you mean it and i am grateful to know you more personally.”

Text message between Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. William Thompson, Aug 27, 2014

Now, please take in and enjoy Dr Suzanne Humphries’ exceptional debriefing about the NYU ‘social engineering’ vaccine conference.  Note what’s said about Measles around 36 minutes on the timeline.

Just for the record: I, and just about every child in the 1940s when I was in grade school, contracted all the childhood communicable infectious diseases: Measles, German measles, Chickenpox—the ones I lived through, as did every child in school, on the block where I lived and never was there any scare tactic by the medical profession about death from Measles or any of the other ‘childhood diseases’!  Moms knew how to treat those diseases without antibiotics and the pharmaceuticals available today.  Do you believe that?!

As a matter of fact, mothers took their children to homes where kids had those diseases for ‘parties’ so their children could be exposed to them, contract them and get them over with during childhood, as they would “fine tune” the immune system and provide life-long immunity [not financially profitable for Big Pharma], plus females could pass along those benefits to their fetuses/children!  Not so today, since the mandated vaccines ‘castrate’ the immune system so everyone who’s been vaccinated needs to get booster shots [profitable for Big Pharma], per the mandated schedules of the CDC and FDA!

What a rasher of scientific bull and scare tactics has been served up to the medical community, gullible-believing parents, and legislators who enjoy Big Pharma’s lobbying gifts, but obviously don’t realize the harm they are doing to their constituents by accepting, endorsing and promoting deliberate scientific fraud [10-11] ginned up by the vaccine industry apparently everywhere.


[6] Quotes from Doctors Regarding Vaccination

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Here’s a hint: Vaccines may be part and parcel of the New World Order’s agenda for Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism!

As Dr Downing points out, vaccinating pregnant women induces and/or creates inflammation in their bodies and also increases the risk of releasing inflammatory markers in their fetuses/infants. Such releases include phenotypes [the set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment (1)].

Precision flu vaccines? Sanofi inks AI pact to find potential biomarkers
by Angus Liu | Oct 31, 2017 3:36pm

Precision medicine has been applied in cancer, but what about prophylactic vaccines against infectious diseases? Sanofi Pasteur has tapped Berg's artificial intelligence capabilities to discover biomarkers that could help scientists learn more about individual flu vaccine responses.

Under the collaboration, Sanofi Pasteur is running a longitudinal study on its licensed flu vaccines, while Berg will analyze the biological materials from individuals participating in that study using its bAIcis artificial intelligence tool. The goal is to identify “molecular signatures and biomarkers indicative of breadth and durability of the influenza vaccine immunological response,” Niven Narain, Berg co-founder and CEO, said in a statement.

In short, the team aims to learn about molecular features behind varying responses to flu shots out of data sets that are "unmanageably large" by traditional standards, according to the release.

Berg’s Interrogative Biology platform combines "multi-omic" molecular data—such as genomics—with patient clinical information, looking for drivers behind a particular clinical outcome with the help of artificial intelligence, Slava Akmaev, Ph.D., Berg’s SVP and chief analytics officer, told FiercePharma in an interview.

In oncology, where Berg has used its AI tech to date, precision medicine has made significant progress in recent years, improving patient outcomes along the way. To Akmaev, the new project with Sanofi Pasteur in infectious disease prevention “showcases the versatility and ability” of the company’s technology.

Sanofi Pasteur is the world’s largest flu vaccine maker, reeling in €1.52 billion last year with its flu offerings.

The CDC previously estimated that flu vaccines were 48% effective during the 2016-2017 season. Health officials often attribute lower efficacy rates to the flu virus’ unpredictable mutations, but knowing more about biomarkers could help scientists develop shots that are targeted to make them more effective in particular groups of people. Akmaev said the deal could help Sanofi “inform future development" of more accurately targeted vaccines.

Editor's Note: The story has been updated to substitute the term "precision medicine" for "personalized," to reflect that the potential for targeted flu vaccines might not be on the individual level.

Monsanto turns to AI with new partnership
By Vince Brennan  – Managing Editor, St. Louis Business Journal
Jun 16, 2017, 8:39am

St. Louis-based Monsanto has partnered with artificial intelligence company Atomwise to develop new crop protection products.

Agriculture news website Feedstuffs said the partnership will help increase the speed and probability of creating new crop protection products using AI.

“Each growing season, farmers around the world are challenged with yield-robbing pests and diseases, yet the average crop protection product takes up to 11 years and more than $250 million to commercialize,” Jeremy Williams, Monsanto’s agricultural productivity innovations lead, told the website. “Discovering new solutions is critical, and this collaboration will help bring much-needed crop protection solutions to farmers faster.”

Using Atomwise's AI technology, the two companies will analyze millions of molecules in the process to develop new crop protection products. The AI technology will streamline the process of how molecules react to one another and teach itself on the fly. Instead of trial-and-error methods, the technology will be able to predict which molecules will have a positive effect in controlling diseases or insects.

Monsanto increased revenue 12 percent during the second quarter, to $5.07 billion, compared with the same period in 2016.

Atomwise Raises $45M To Grow AI-Driven Drug Discovery Business
Bernadette Tansey
March 7th, 2018

Xconomy San Francisco--Atomwise, a San Francisco startup that’s using artificial intelligence to hunt for compounds that could make effective new drugs, announced today that it raised a $45 million Series A round.

The small company, founded in 2012, mines the accumulated data about biochemical interactions to search for molecules with the properties needed to block faulty processes in the body that lead to disease. That digital matchmaking, using supercomputers, augments a longstanding method of new drug discovery—the automated, high-throughput physical screening of thousands of compounds for evidence that they could disable troublesome biomolecules in human tissues.

Atomwise has been partnering up with big pharmaceutical firms, biotechnology companies, and university research labs in an effort to speed up the discovery of new drug candidates for neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and other disorders. In June, the startup also announced a collaboration with Monsanto to find compounds that might protect crops against pest infestations and diseases.

The funding was led by Monsanto Growth Ventures, the venture capital arm of Monsanto, along with DCVC (Data Collective), and B Capital Group. Joining in the round were previous investors Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures, and DFJ, as well as new investors Baidu Ventures, Tencent, and Dolby Family Ventures. Atomwise has now raised a total of $51 million since its inception.

The big influx of capital creates a long runway for Atomwise to scale up and aim for “many years of robust growth,” says company co-founder and CEO Abraham Heifets. The money will be used to expand Atomwise’s staff of 17—which includes 15 PhDs. The staff may double to keep up with demand as Atomwise seeks out new corporate partners and university research collaborators, he says.

In April, Atomwise started a program to motivate academic scientists to explore the drug-hunting potential of its technology. Researchers can apply to the company’s Artificial Intelligence Molecular Screen (AIMS) awards program by identifying the disorder they hope to treat, and the disease-causing biomolecules they want to defeat with a drug. Successful applicants will receive 72 compounds that Atomwise predicts are most likely to work as that drug. The scientists can then test those compounds in their labs.

Heifets says Atomwise hopes to collaborate with 100 such researchers in 2018, not only to assist their work on a wide variety of diseases, but also as a way of training Atomwise’s AI-powered AtomNet drug research technology so that it improves with experience.

The new staffers Atomwise plans to hire will add to the depth of knowledge needed to analyze highly complex biological systems with advanced computational tools such as deep learning algorithms, Heifets says. Atomwise’s new investors will also bring in further scientific and corporate expertise, he says. The startup is gaining three new board members: Matt Ocko, managing Partner of DCVC, Kiersten Stead, partner at Monsanto Growth Ventures, and Gavin Teo, partner at B Capital Group.

Heifets declined to say what valuation had been placed on the company under the terms of the Series A financing round. Atomwise isn’t disclosing whether it has brought in any revenue to date.

Details of most of Atomwise’s partnerships are confidential, so Heifets wouldn’t say which projects have yielded the most encouraging signs that a drug candidate surfaced by the company’s algorithms might end up as a new treatment. He could say that one compound Atomwise identified as a potential treatment for multiple sclerosis has been licensed by a U.K. pharmaceutical company, and others are being tested in animals. Under Atomwise’s partnership agreements, the young company may eventually share in the financial returns when new drugs or other products go to market, he says.

Heifets says Atomwise can not only flag promising compounds from among the 600 million that have already been synthesized and made available for physical screening, but can also evaluate many millions of virtual compounds that could be designed or imagined, based on the chemical characteristics needed for a particular drug to be effective and safe in the treatment of a specific illness.

If Atomwise can predict with greater than 99 percent accuracy that such a theoretical compound would work as a drug, that would justify the expense of synthesizing and testing it, Heifets says. Atomwise, which screens more than 10 million compounds a day, claims that its success rate at identifying potential therapeutic drugs is as much as 10,000 times higher than that of physical high-throughput screening.

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