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Guantanamo Bay detainees held for up to 15 years to argue for release in Court

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Guantanamo Bay detainees held for up to 15 years to argue for release in US court

'Eleven inmates detained in the US military prison at Guantánamo Bay for up to 15 years will have the case for their release – the largest of its kind – heard in a US district court this week.

Attorneys for the Centre for Constitutional Rights (CCR) will argue a mass habeas corpus petition on behalf of the inmates in DC District court, demanding they either be tried or released. The inmates have been held without charge in the infamous American detention facility for years, in what their lawyers argue amounts to “perpetual detention for detention’s sake”.

Lawyers for the CCR and Reprieve, a human rights organisation that represents four of the detainees, filed the habeas corpus petition in January of this year, on the 16th anniversary of Guantánamo’s opening. The attorneys argued that the detention of the inmates without charge is unconstitutional, because any rationale for detaining them has long expired.

"Indefinite, potentially permanent detention without charge is not permitted under the US Constitution, and under international law," CCR attorney Pardiss Kebriaei told The Independent.

"Our point today is that – even assuming that there was a lawful basis for their initial detention for some period of time – is their indefinite detention today defensible?"'

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More protests planned as Donald Trump arrives in Scotland

The president and first lady jetted to Scotland on Friday evening after talks with Theresa May and tea with the Queen at Windsor Castle, to Trump Turnberry on the west coast.

As the working visit came to an end, the White House was forced to delete a tweet which claimed Mr and Mrs Trump would be "leaving the UK".

It was quickly pointed out that the couple would still be in the UK when they were staying in Scotland.

Tens of thousands of protesters lined the streets of London, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol to protest the visit of the American president but it is thought there will be more as he jets north.

Thousands of people are expected in Edinburgh at a Carnival of Resistance in the Meadows area.

Campaigners will also gather outside the Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire, his second course, and there could be some protests at Turnberry.'


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