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AIDS "vaccine" to be tested in Africa

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AIDS "vaccine" to be tested in Africa
« on: Jul 07, 2018, 11:36:59 pm »


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I wonder. How are they developing a vaccine for something that doesn't exist?

"The study used so-called "mosaic" vaccine combinations. These combine pieces of different HIV virus types to elicit an immune response -- when the body attacks intruder germs -- against virus strains from different regions of the world."

Oh really? Well it's news to me that HIV has even been isolated/found at all. Watch out for this. This can be a huge card for the NWO to pull. Can you imagine how people would react if you tell them you refuse to take the AIDS vaccine?  ;)

Candidate AIDS vaccine passes key early test

Mariƫtte Le Roux, AFP July 6, 2018

Paris (AFP) - The near 40-year quest for an AIDS vaccine received a hopeful boost Saturday when scientists announced that a trial drug triggered an immune response in humans and shielded monkeys from infection.

Shown to be safe in humans, the candidate vaccine has now advanced to the next phase of the pre-approval trial process, and will be tested in 2,600 women in southern Africa to see whether it prevents HIV infection. [continues...]

I ponder from time to time about which has been the bigger lie. That the Apollo missions went to the moon? Or that AIDS exists? Hard to decide.

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