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"One Day Alex, you'll see you're one of us" - JONES says of conversation, 2014.

Started by Ye Olde Powder Monkey, Apr 13, 2018, 01:25:19 PM

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Ye Olde Powder Monkey

I remember that quote .. from AJ, perhaps 4yrs ago on GCN.

I just heard him live in phone-guest conversation with a 'Jason' on the LIVE show' or replay, whatever it is today:

Begins Rant:

"You have one minute (to Jason) to tell me how I can be a better person!"

—Jason: "It's as you always say Alex, a tree will be judged by its fruit".

"So Jason (contestingly, usual paranoid aggression) there's no good fruit from Infowars?"

— Jason: 'No! Not at all Alex! Exactly the opposite in fact.
I know you're a good person but what I'm saying is: I want to call upon the US Military & Intelligence agencies TO RISE UP RIGHT NOW, GO FOR BROKE against the Globalist RIGHT NOW, and we'll have Freedom 1776 ... WORLDWIDE, and that's it

Jones turns into a Braggard, bloating about Deep State activists planning to blow up FEDERAL buildings and schools and #Blame it on us.

"But they're getting ready to stage false flags, so you'll probably get your (civil) WAR, son."

Patronising SOB, isn't he. And no-one had anything further to say, INCLUDING JONES, in that original 2014 quote from JONES about his conversation with HIS 'elite' friends at media clubs:
"One Day Alex you'll see that you're one of us." To WHICH JONES replies (and I remember how it went clearly, all those years back)

Jones: 'Well ... well, even if I did, or I be, does that mean I'm gonna ...  ..."
— thinking (be doing what they want me to do?)

tails off, doesn't know what to say, can't compose or complete the sentence which would have let him off the hook in this ....

I conclude that Jones is AN AVID admirer of Military Violence if he can promote the narrative to MY tiny MIND, that he could be in charge of it. He just enjoys American blow-hard and the fight and YES maybe it works at some SUBCONSCIOUS level that things improve whilst he raises funds from his show to pay off his Wife's litigation/child maintenance and all his (several he says) upcoming LAWSUITS. HE feeds on it, he tells us. It's his game; what he gets off on.

He has an immense EGO, no question about it. That's not a problem either, ego is good, it is the arbitrator negotiator between the outside SUPEREGO of the state and him.

I think it's just very WRONG to follow him, as a guide or leader.
From what he's saying today and last time I listened to him he referred to his listeners, at last confirming what I'd wondered for years, as: "You are MY soldiers",

So be it. He doesn't hide it too well though. He's just BIGGER and BETTER than you and me with some mighty BIG BILLS to pay, and SOME MIGHTY fine armory to tinker with, cowboy. And so, we'll see, if he truly is 'one of them.'
As if anyone gave a finger about what I think, yes?
You're listening to him right now, Yes? ... I am!

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Lol I keep telling y'all to stop listening to him. "US military and intelligence agencies to rise up ... freedom 1776 ... worldwide, and that's it." ORLY?  ;D

Americans have to get out of the system and let it collapse under it's own weight. Learn the law and how government is supposed to work and take them to task on it. Stop looking for leaders and those who'll save you. There isn't one true American in the public spotlight today.

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Alex Jones Hilariously Runs Away from His Own Insane Fan

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