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Utah passes America's first 'free-range parenting' bill

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Utah passes America's first 'free-range parenting' bill
« on: Mar 27, 2018, 06:20:50 am »

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The Independent

Utah passes America's first 'free-range parenting' bill

'In what is the first legislation of its kind in America, Utah has legalised a controversial method of child-rearing called “free-range parenting” that encourages self-sufficiency in children starting at a young age.

The “free-range kids” bill was signed into law by Republican Governor Gary Herbert and states that parents who allow their children to engage in certain activities without supervision are not considered neglectful.

Under the new law, children can legally walk to and from school alone, play outside unattended, be in a car alone, and be at home alone. Spam_A Spam_B Set to take effect on May 8, the law is meant to protect parents whose children display maturity and good judgement.

However, age limits are not defined under the new law – as supporters of the bill believe that cases of abuse or neglect should be dealt with on a “case-by-case basis,” according to the Associated Press.

The news agency also reported that Utah legislators decided to pass the bill after numerous cases where parents had their children temporarily removed after people reported seeing their children unattended.'

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