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Title: The 50 to 1 Project - How much more proof against AGW do we need?
Post by: Brocke on Nov 30, 2013, 03:09:35 pm

It is impossibe to watch all the below videos and maintain any belief that there is man made global warming. Do you know someone that believes in Global Warming and you want to wake up? If you can convince them to watch these interviews they will change their mind. (

The 50 to 1 Project (

 What is the TRUE cost of climate change?  Is stopping it early really the cheapest plan in the long run?  50 to 1 explores the costs of stopping climate change vs adapting to it as and if it's required, and uncovers a simple truth; it's 50 times more expensive to try and STOP climate change than it is to simply ADAPT to it as and if required.

50 to 1 Project Interviews

Full length interview with Joanne Nova (
Topher interviews Joanne Nova, a veteran science communicator and regular commentator on the ABC and many other places. Joanne speaks of her own journey and how she went from being a ‘veteran believer’ in Global Warming to being the high-profile skeptic she is today.

Full length interview with David Evans (
Topher interviews David Evans, former modeler for the Australian Greenhouse Office, now prominent skeptic. He explains the reasons for his change of mind and why he’s so become so vocal on the issue.

Full length interview with Anthony Watts (
Topher interviews Anthony Watts, former weatherman and passionate believer in global warming, now world famous skeptic responsible for the ‘surface stations’ project which has found serious issues with the global temperature measuring network, and key figure within the ‘Climategate’ scandal.

Full length interview with Christopher Essex (
Topher interviews Christopher Essex, Professor of Applied Mathematics, who promptly ‘flips the checker board’ with questions about the very validity of such a thing as ‘Global temperature’.
Interview with Donna Laframboise

Full length interview with Donna Laframboise (
Topher interviews Donna Laframboise, former journalist turned investigative author. Donna has critiqued the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s claims about itself, its authors and its peer review process, and found them very VERY wanting…
Interview with Marc Morano

Full length interview with Marc Morano (
Topher interviews Marc Morano, accused ‘criminal against humanity’ and alleged ‘central cell of the climate denial machine’ and gets an insiders look into the politics and collateral damage caused by clumsy political responses to fears about climate change.

Full length interview with Fred Singer (
Topher interviews Fred Singer, atmospheric and space physicist and long time hero of the environmental movement, and finds out why he founded the NON Governmental Panel on Climate Change and why he’s taken a high profile stand against the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Full length interview with Henry Ergas (
Topher interviews Henry Ergas, a high profile Australian economist with a lot to say about carbon taxes and emissions trading schemes, and discovers some of the underlying reasons why politicians love carbon taxes and emissions trading schemes and why these ‘markets’ always seem to fail.