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Title: Scientist suggests CHEMTRAILS as SOLUTION .... ( wot a novel idea ;-)
Post by: EvadingGrid on Dec 14, 2012, 11:27:23 am
Could we refreeze the Arctic?
Scientists suggest radical solution to global warming

By Damien Gayle
PUBLISHED: 18:11, 11 December 2012

We could refreeze the Arctic, and it wouldn't even cost that much, scientists have claimed.

Two recently published studies explore the possibility that a technological solution could be found to the problem of global warming melting the ice caps on the North Pole.

The scientist who is lead author on both claims that 'any significant nation' could find the resources to carry out the operation.

Shrinking habitat: The disappearance of Arctic sea ice could lead to the extinction of animals like the polar bear - but scientists now claim it could be stopped, and fairly cheaply

The only significant question, he says, is whether we should.

The amount of ice in the Arctic Ocean shrank to an all time low in September, with the total area covered now half what it was in the Eighties.

David Keith, professor of applied physics at Harvard University, is lead author on papers published in Nature Climate Change and Environmental Research Letters which speculate as to how we could restore the polar ice.

'The really hard questions here aren’t mostly technical. They’re questions about what kind of planet we want and who we are,' he told Canadian newspaper The Windsor Star.


Professor Keith used climate models to suggest that injecting reflective particles into the atmosphere could reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth, engineering a regional effect that could bring ice back to the Arctic.

His paper claims that by reducing the penetration of sunlight by just 0.5 per cent is could be possible to restore the sea-ice around the North Pole back to pre-industrial era levels.

'Decisions involving (solar radiation management) do not need to be reduced to a single "global thermostat",' the paper says.

His second paper suggests the whole operation could be accomplished with just a few modified Gulfstream jets, costing somewhere in the region of $8billion a year.

However, while he believes action must be taken to tackle the amount of pollution spewed into the Earth's atmosphere, he doesn't yet advocate the kind of action his papers suggest.

Open-air and large-scale geoengineering of the kind Professor Keith has suggested has been ruled out by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.

Such drastic geoengineering could have disastrous unintended effects but could be a viable response to a 'climate emergency' such as the sudden collapse of ice sheets or a killing drought, Professor Keith suggested.
Read more:

Study suggests we could refreeze Arctic. But should we? | The Windsor Star

Title: Re: Scientist suggests CHEMTRAILS as SOLUTION .... ( wot a novel idea ;-)
Post by: EvadingGrid on Dec 14, 2012, 11:28:01 am
Study suggests we could refreeze Arctic.
But should we?
Title: WEATHER THE DISSONANCE! 2012 is UK's mildest winter as JG predicted, MSM say No
Post by: Equal Opportunities Customer. on Jan 28, 2013, 06:14:56 am
After last Spring & Summer, which I can vouchsafe say were the poorest showing of fine weather for as long as JG can remember, and he's in his mid 50's but probably still younger than IGGY POP; JG predicted that this Winter would most probably be mild in comparison with previous ones and in particular with that of 2010, when severe icing occurred in JG's region.

Well Yes, actually the prediction did be fulfilled, man! Whatever the press are saying, inspite of a few short days of icy weather and just a smattering of lightish snowfall, this was definitely the mildest winter JG can recall since 1989, the year of the fall of the Berlin Wall. JG can't vouch for what happened between 1982 and 89.

JG was born with a scientifically curious and endlessly observant mindset.

So, JG can definitely confirm that this winter has been the mildest for a long time, however the MSM are forever pushing the dissonant message debate further by reporting that 2012 was predicted to be the Worst, Coldest and Iciest for a Century.

Britain faces coldest winter for 100 years ...
PUBLISHED: 02:00, 28 November 2012 | UPDATED: 13:21, 20 December 2012

Well it wasn't.

JG made the prediction of a very mild winter, since a 'fallen' Jet-Stream was the culprit behind the Poor Summer of 2012, he predicted that the Winter would display a tendency to balance out the extremes.

Whether the weather was engineered for the entirety of last Summer (now that would be a big project) or not, the fact remains that it's the natural behaviour of any complex and dynamic system to try to maintain equilibrium or balance; to even out the extremes since energy is preserved and cannot be created out of nothing as such. To produce a bad winter you need an extremely hot summer is JG's Hypothesis! Without an extremely warm Summer it's my prognosis that you won't see an extremely cold Winter season.

And the winter of 2012/13 is the proof in the eating.
The hypothesis is ridden out by the experience of Southern Mediterranean climbs where extremely warm summers, with average temps often exceeding the high 30° Celsius, will find winters coming of great-extremes in Cold; with days or weeks of sub-zero and even as in 1984; - Arctic Temperatures of -25° C for 3 days, and three-weeks of -10°C.

Heaven knows what it was like in the Winter of 2003, an extremely warm Summer year, with temperatures which caused the premature death of some tens of thousands of elderly and unhealthier people who were not able to endure it all.

Totally revised more reflective rant follows ....

Good Night Nigel, and so to the soup.
Title: Re: WEATHER THE DISSONANCE! 2012 is UK's mildest winter as JG predicted, MSM say No
Post by: Equal Opportunities Customer. on Jan 31, 2013, 10:46:48 am

 Realistically though. JG shouldn't aspire to sounding like some Squared-away Jar-head, that knows what the solution is and who's going to fix the problem up. And realistically, the 'Middle-Classes' will be, as always, the last to do anything about it, though whilst capable of making an effort they are far too self-conscious of the fact, that they, the WONDROUS and AWE-INSPIRING middle-class are the only ones capable of 'making a difference'. I think it's called Vanity, and Sloth.

We must remember, that the glimpses we get of how bad things are, most of the time, in the big picture are just that; - mere glimpses. I for one couldn't tolerate it, 5-days a week anymore. It would be like selling my soul for the privilege of a small quiet room overlooking the Secure Confinement section of the local Insane-Asylum.

 My solution, is 'the first one off the planet, and who gets to not come back, wins the big prize ...'
We are after all still lauding the achievements of some very old men now, those still with us, those men who first stepped foot on the moon. Imagine!

 There are obviously a lot of people who would rather run away than have to tolerate this crap for generation upon generation of it ...

What an Irony! To have the Fecking Working-Classes, so many of whom haven't worked in thirty-years, telling me that this planet is going to be the scene for a great Christian restoration of 'paradise-earth'.

I think I'll just hedge my bets and put the mess down to demonic possession, just to be on the safe-side, after all you never know with these working-class folk do you ...

How, fecking Ironic, and how convenient ...
Title: Re: WEATHER THE DISSONANCE! 2012 is UK's mildest winter as JG predicted, MSM say No
Post by: EvadingGrid on Feb 01, 2013, 11:20:42 am
I've been frozen and now the thermometer says its warmer, only we got hurricane winds and lashing rain, so what does the thermometer know ?

Seriously, the idea that the summer would be balanced out by a milder winter is logical.
Title: Could thinning out high-altitude clouds combat climate change?
Post by: EvadingGrid on Nov 08, 2018, 05:59:07 am

The Daily Mail

Could thinning out high-altitude clouds combat climate change? Scientists reveal radical plan to cool the atmosphere


As Earth continues to move toward a warmer climate, scientists are working to develop strategies to artificially cool the planet in the case that the situation becomes truly dire.

But, many of these geoengineering tactics come with their own set of consequences, including changes in precipitation that could trigger droughts in some parts of the world.

In a new assessment of three commonly discussed geoengineering techniques, researchers have found that a method known as ‘cloud thinning’ could be our best bet. Spam_A Spam_B By reducing the coverage of wispy, high-altitude cirrus clouds, researchers at Zhejiang University in China say it could be possible to hit the brakes on global warming.

This could be done by spraying powder over the clouds, which would prompt ice crystals to form around the individual grains and ultimately drop down due to their weight, according to New Scientist.

In the study, the researchers say ‘the intentional reduction of the coverage and optical thickness of high-level cirrus cloud could potentially reduce global warming by modifying the longwave radiative effect of cirrus clouds.’

These clouds sit high in the sky, and could help to slash rising temperatures without having dramatic effects on precipitation.

The team also examined the idea of injecting aerosols into the stratosphere to ‘deflect more sunlight back to space,’ and seeding marine stratocumulus clouds in a strategy known as ‘cloud brightening,’ causing them to reflect more sunlight.

The findings are published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres.'

Read More : Could thinning out high-altitude clouds combat climate change? Scientists reveal radical plan to cool the atmosphere (

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Title: Bill Gates Scientists "copy volcano to block the sun"
Post by: David Icke Bot on Dec 03, 2018, 04:32:54 am

The Daily Mail

Scientists will copy effects of a huge volcano eruption to block the sun's rays and fight global warming in £2.3 million study funded by Bill Gates


'Scientists are to copy the effects of a massive volcanic eruption to block the Sun’s rays and combat global warming.

As part of a £2.3million ($3million) experiment partly-funded by Microsoft’s Bill Gates, a team from Harvard University will spray tiny chalk particles into the atmosphere 12 miles above the Earth to reflect some of the Sun’s rays back into space.

They hope this will have a similar effect to an erupting volcano releasing sulphur dioxide. In 1991, Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines, releasing 20million tons of sulphur dioxide. That cooled the planet by 0.5C for 18 months. Spam_A Spam_B The goal is to reduce the worst effects of climate change in the hope that this could save coral reefs and polar ice sheets.

The team hopes to launch a steerable balloon over the southwest United States before next July. It will release jets of calcium carbonate: chalk dust. Scientists will measure how this affects the Sun’s light.

Opponents say spraying particles in such a way might damage the ozone layer and disrupt rainfall patterns, which could cause drought in some areas, according to The Times.

And they say such geo-engineering diverts attention from cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Source   - Daily Mail (

Icke (

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Title: Scientists Funded by Bill Gates in First Experiment to Dim the Sun
Post by: David Icke Bot on Dec 16, 2018, 04:49:37 am (

In 2019, Scientists Funded by Bill Gates to Spray Particles Into the Sky in First Experiment to Dim the Sun


'The controversial subject of geoengineering or weather modification – which was popularized, and oversimplified with the term “chemtrails” – is once again stepping from the shadows and into the light of public scrutiny. And it may soon be a reality as scientists plan first ever experiment to spray particles in the sky to dim the sun.

What was once a conspiracy theory is now the subject of congressional debate, peer-reviewed studies, and now a Harvard experiment. Harvard scientists will attempt to replicate the climate-cooling effect of volcanic eruptions with a world-first solar geoengineering experiment set for early 2019.

What was once a conspiracy theory will soon be a reality, in only months.


The experiment was announced in Nature magazine last month, who was one of few outlets to look into this unprecedented step toward geoengineering the planet.

If all goes as planned, the Harvard team will be the first in the world to move solar geoengineering out of the lab and into the stratosphere, with a project called the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx). The first phase — a US$3-million test involving two flights of a steerable balloon 20 kilometres above the southwest United States — could launch as early as the first half of 2019. Once in place, the experiment would release small plumes of calcium carbonate, each of around 100 grams, roughly equivalent to the amount found in an average bottle of off-the-shelf antacid. The balloon would then turn around to observe how the particles disperse.

Naturally, the experiment is concerning to many people, including environmental groups, who, according to Nature, who say such efforts are a dangerous distraction from addressing the only permanent solution to climate change: reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.'

Read More : In 2019, Scientists Funded by Bill Gates to Spray Particles Into the Sky in First Experiment to Dim the Sun (

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Title: Bill Gates backing plan to stop climate change by blocking out the sun
Post by: EvadingGrid on Aug 14, 2019, 07:14:02 am

Bill Gates backing plan to stop climate change by blocking out the sun


'It sounds like a wacky idea out of science fiction - but it’s backed in part by billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates and top scientists from Harvard.

The researchers believe that a fleet of specially designed aircraft could spray sulfate particles into the lower stratosphere to cool down our planet and offset the effects of climate change.

A test of the technology has been proposed for this year, the Daily Mail reports, with the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx) seeing a bag of carbonate dust released into the atmosphere 12 miles up.

If that experiment proves successful, the researchers will move on to releasing the dust from planes.

The researchers suggest that jets flying 12 miles up would complete over 60,000 missions in 15 years, starting with a fleet of eight and moving up to 100 planes.

At present, there are no aircraft capable of doing this, so they would need to be developed.

The Harvard researchers have claimed that (if it were launched this year), it would cost about $3.5 billion (£2.74 billion),, plus $2.25 billion (£1.76 billion) per year.

The researchers said last year, ‘Dozens of countries would have both the expertise and the money to launch such a program.

‘Around 50 countries have military budgets greater than $3 billion, with 30 greater than $6 billion.’

The idea of ‘solar geoengineering’ or solar radiation management (SRM) is controversial, mimicking the world-chilling effects of huge volcanic eruptions.

Some scientists have suggested that such technology could be used a ‘stop gap’ to reduce temperatures while measures to limit CO2 emissions are put in place.

But others have suggested that when the SRM was withdrawn, it could lead to rapid global warming in a phenomenon known as ‘termination shock’.'

Read more: Bill Gates backing plan to stop climate change by blocking out the sun (

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Title: Re: Bill Gates backing plan to stop climate change by blocking out the sun
Post by: Ye Olde Powder Monkey on Aug 14, 2019, 10:08:14 am
Short answer: So long human beings!
Long answer: Gaberdine or Pyjamas?

Personally, I like a bit of rain but not when I have to sleep in my wetsuit.

PPPS, for those with the attention span of a ... tick crossed with a goldfish; they've been doing this for decades already. Solar radiation management, Strategic Aerosol Deployment ... etc etc ... now they can deny they've been doing it and integrate the results so far, in Michael Mann hockey stick fashion. The protagonists, in their public statements have said also, that 'If we stop this suddenly, the results would be catastrophic, possibly far worse than climate-change itself'. Safest bet. They're MAFIA; they're LIARS.

( (
( ( ( (

My month with chemtrails conspiracy theorists Leftoid Rag - The Guardian

Alex Jones etc etc etc ...

Alien invasion etc etc etc ...

Let's go back to Dacron™ etc etc etc ...

There are now religious cults in the UK promoting or permitting messages like:
"All those ruining the earth will be exterminated, as with a giant bottle of bleach".
Sounds like a joke but when I heard it in a meeting several years ago I didn't laugh, still don't.
The reason a working-class religious cult would get into this, is that it gives them parity with scientists.

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Title: Re: Bill Gates backing plan to stop climate change by blocking out the sun
Post by: poseidonlost on Aug 14, 2019, 12:51:20 pm
Two birds one stone. It'll be harder for us to see their god and help kill off more life. First it was carbon dioxide, now it's sun light, next is oxygen. But it's for the trees maaan.

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Title: Re: Bill Gates backing plan to stop climate change by blocking out the sun
Post by: EvadingGrid on Aug 15, 2019, 06:33:50 am
The very same people who warned of a Nuclear Winter as an Extinction Level Event . . . .

Spot the logic fail . . .

One minute if we put enough soot in the atmosphere we will all die, next the same soot will save the planet and mankind from extinction . . . Make ya mind up eh ?

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Title: Re: Scientist suggests CHEMTRAILS as SOLUTION .... ( wot a novel idea ;-)
Post by: Ye Olde Powder Monkey on Sep 08, 2019, 02:15:27 pm
Brits, that long lost race of BreXiTeers, from Lands-End to John O'Groats are getting used to it, with a big snyde smile.


The Gormless Twats. They could even say: "What do you expect?", to show how virtuous in their meritocratic ways they are.


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