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Started by EvadingGrid, Apr 21, 2017, 08:31:34 AM

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Unit cost of an S-400 is $300 million per fire unit (artillery battalion) that consists of 9 launchers, 120 missiles, command and support vehicles

Its also one of, or the best in the world.

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Al Bundy

Erdogan, President of Turkey bought S-400! Trump is crying ( "USA offer Patriot rocket system but Turkey bought Russian arms although
Turkey is a member of NATO. E, so we will not sell you F-35. ".

Can you imagine how angry in US Military-Industrial Complex ?  :)

P.S. India have Atomic Bomb but has already ordered from Russia and S-400. Why ?
Journalist of Serbian famous newspaper "Politika" and military analyst M. Lazanski writes that the Empire will not touch anybody if it has an Atomic Bomb or S-400 no matter how much that country violates "human rights".

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Game Changer: What's Behind US-Turkish Conflict Over S-400 Deal/size]

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