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Stick your head between your legs & kiss your BreXiT good-bye.

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I just got a call from a life Insurance salesperson and they were quick to respond when I suggested that Porton Down DSTL should perhaps release a Bio-weapon to get rid of all the useless-eaters or useful-idiots:

This is that very same part of the conversation, transcribed. What a fortunate intervention this was.

"That would be a great idea, don't you think!?"
'No it wouldn't. I live at Andover next to porton-down'

GPMB board meeting, 2019. That's the 4-handed Hindi god of Creation and Destruction they have.

"Ah, so you must hear all the stories out of there then?"
'Yes, I certainly do. My mother works there (Porton Down)'

GPMB equals, "Global Preparedness Monitoring Board", part of and advisor to WHO, that this year warned of the possibility of a 'deliberate release' of a bio-toxin, as well as the usual risk factors.
The 4-handed God of destruction and creation, (in endless cycles, thus the Hindi faith tells us) became a favourite with Cosmologist Carl Sagan, who likened this to a more realistic appraisal of how the universe works than other faiths get near to, possibly.

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Update: The Motif they have, of the Hindi God, is actually of Shiva.
And the motif is named "The Cosmic dance of Shiva".
In Shiva's right-hand is a drum, symbolising the sounding of creation.
In Shiva's left-hand is a fire token, symbolising destruction.

The Hindis' is the only world religion to mirror a certain cosmologist's fraternity
viewpoint or belief, at least until recently, which entertains the idea of endless cycles
of creation & destruction, as a model for describing the nature of the universe.

Thanks to Carl-Sagan's 'Cosmos' for this detail.

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