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Michael Savage proposing to run against Feinstein



Perfect. Replace a democrat gun grabber with an independent/republican gun grabber.

I've heard him over and over talk about wanting to ban "assault weapons" and how "we don't need an AR-15 to shoot a deer." Classic gun grabber tactics there. On his show today, he's saying powerful people are asking him to run against Senator Feinstein (who wrote the actual assault weapons ban back in the 1990s) Same show today he's saying he believes only ex-military with combat experience should be hired as police officers because of how the policeman being singled out as a coward in Florida acted.

Yea, take all useful anti-tyranny tools away and beef up a military style police force even more than it is already.

I'll look for today's episode on youtube after I'm done listening and there's time for it to be posted.

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Oh, here's that Savage show from Friday...

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Trouble is he will divide the right wing vote, and help Frankenstein get elected.

Now Savage is well aware of the harsh truth of the above statement. Which leads to even more difficult questions.

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