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Deal with Sociopaths ®, Psychopaths, Bankers™, Murderers with my KILLING JOKE ©.

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Having Trouble with Socio-Psychopathic Paranoid & Schizophrenic paid Stoolpigeons of the Eugenics Order of Orwellian Double-Think?

Can't beat 'em at their own game; can't join 'em!

How about a Killing-Joke!?

Try it out, around the campfire, or down the local Banker Socialist Financed Drug Tank; or maybe at the next Media Lovvies Luxury Mansion 'hang-out your old washing' get together you attend as a rep for the Info-worriers contingent. And bear in mind that they're already laughing AT you, - and not WITH you from the moment you step in the door. Don’t be a loser all your god-givens. Get straight and get even.

— So assuming you got thus far but you personally didn't get to release an info-bomb and get rewarded with a huge turn-around of opinion & sign-up to -

Here's your joke. I think it may be the germ of a killing-joke:
— I'm certainly going to be spreading it, wherever I go:

What's a Geordie Boy's (Native of Tyneside) Formula to work out by iterative approximation the square-root of number N, utilizing the successive terms, y1, y2, y3 ... to ... yn ?

Here's your answer: —   
 yi + 1 = ½(yi + N / yi)

 - Don't forget to add: "Open, and Close Brackets"

Sprinkle your magic, and then sit back. Feel the Silence. Then you will hear a muffled bluster followed by short chortles that are stilled but then following a reprise, lead eventually into a great screaming uncontrollable hollering of unrestrained laughter. Until your audience, are all for instance, either laying on the floor expired, or still in their seats; heads tilted back towards the ceiling, mouths open. Breathless.
And if this doesn't happen, dreamers awake and add your evening's finalé:

For the solution to this problem too, is an indefatigable
Wae'aye man!!!!

Happy Hunting my little Beauties.
"Courage mounteth with the occasion."
King John Act 2, Scene 1.
 ... apparently.


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