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--- Quote from: 2Revolutions on Jun 06, 2017, 10:38:04 am ---Interesting the similarities between him and Obama.  Someone definitely to watch.  One thing the shadow government is good at is giving people symbols that they can rally around.

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This is what worries me, and its been driven by the likes of Watson giving a platform to Tommy Robinson without asking hard but fair questions

Tommy Robinson (activist)

Did not take me long before noticing that he was in discussions with the  think tank Quilliam, whose found  Ed Husain left to join the CFR - Council on Foreign Relations. Sure, its not a cast iron connection, but the notion he is just an ordinary working class Brit with no elite connections is laughable. Can anyone propel themselves from convicted hooligan to international speaker overnight without a hidden helping hand ?

How about asking the question, "What is his real name?" . . . because I've seen multiple answers and the most honest was "no idea". Here are just some of the names from the wikipedia page

"What is his real name?" :

* Tommy Robinson
* Stephen Christopher Yaxley
* Mr Lennon
* Mr Yaxley-Lennon
* Paul Harris
* Mikey and Wayne King
* Andrew McMaster
Last but not least the alias "Tommy Robinson", which is alleged to be taken from a football hooligan of local notoriety from a Football Hooligan Firm . . . charming.

The very first choice of his political life was the utterly contemptible BNP, British Nationalist Party, the party of choice for british neo nazis, racist skinheads, and other deplorable characters. It was lead by Nick Griffin, who tried to make the party more mainstream and media friendly. Tommy Robinson said, "I didn't know Nick Griffin was in the National Front, I didn't know non-whites couldn't join the organisation. I joined, I saw what it was about, it was not for me"

Very unusual person, who on the one hand says his parents came from Ireland, and also claims to be jewish... But to be perfectly honest, and this is just my opinion, in interviews I saw he smikred and laughed when asked for me to totally believe either or claims - but that is just my personal judgement

He seriously made claims about being a Zionist, and when asked played being incredibly ignorant when asked what he thought term zionist meant. Its no wonder that the internet rumour mill has many people accusing him of being a Zionist Agent. . . . While my instinct says he is an Agent procature of some kind, with some hidden hand, I'm sure its a more complex answer than some simplistic label to send people off in a dead of a different type of xenophobia and racist anti-Semitism.

Tommy Robinson alias source

British National Party <--- his first choice

English Defence League

European Defence League

British Freedom Party

Pegida UK


Very interesting that media has not exposed his real name yet.  Normally, a personal who has numerous identities is treated as either a con artist or some in the intelligence business. 


--- Quote from: 2Revolutions on Jun 06, 2017, 01:36:17 pm ---Very interesting that media has not exposed his real name yet.  Normally, a personal who has numerous identities is treated as either a con artist or some in the intelligence business.

--- End quote ---

Now that you bring up, it is kind of suspicious . . .

Why does Watson and Infowars give the man a free pass and open access to an audience who have absolutely no clue what he represents in uk fringe extremist politics ?

This name came up in my travels, looking for the real "Tommy Robinson".

Alan Lake (English Defence League)

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

EDL leader demanded debate on killing David Cameron and archbishop
Alan Lake ran a far-right website where he discussed execution of political and religious leaders and predicted Islamic enclaves


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