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Christian Music Releases Jul 3 2020 (1351 songs, 94 hr 15 min)


Christian Music Releases May 15 2020 (1228 songs, 82 hr 51 min)

Master list of all Christian music releases for this week from Indie Vision music, Spotify New Releases by Genre, and some popular and official Christian playlists available on Spotify, arranged by genre categories. Deduplicated, as some songs may appear in multiple genre lists.

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Also check out my master and genre-specific playlists on Deezer, Napster, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music and YouTube*. Google Play Music All Access is being replaced by YouTube Music, so please go to YouTube Music or YouTube to find the replacement playlists. And look up @christianmusicreleases on Apple Music for those playlists there.

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