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Cutting down on social media is as important for your health as stopping smoking


Equal Opportunities Customer.:

... experts say on the eve of 'Scroll Free September'.
'When used in the right way, social media can have a lot of real positives for mental health and well-being, including improving social connectivity and providing a source of emotional support,' Shirley Cramer CBE, RSPH chief executive told Sky

The 'Scroll Free September campaign urges people to give up all social networks for a month, starting from tomorrow.

I totally disagree. Since end May, 2018 when I finally gave up Twatter, as the only SM tool I'd ever used; I've steadily found myself returning to a more 'centred me', to use the language of the submersion tanks community who claim to be able to tackle dissociative personality disorders brought on by .. extreme stress & severe trauma.

Maybe you think you have a real lot to say and comment on, requiring the resulting 'buzz' every 30-minutes or so of the day to feel like you're alive?

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