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Scotland: The North Korea of Europe & (The world's 3rd most welfare dependent).


Ye Olde Powder Monkey:
Sheep that Kill People

First and foremostly, if you check on your Atlas of the world: you will see that the Geography and perhaps topography of N. Korea and 'The Borders' of Scotland are unbelievably similar. This is something I noticed whilst doing my own research into how the world's 3rd most STATIST (meaning, state-dependent) country is such a pain-in-the-ass, to live in.

Now read on:

"In Scotland, during the Highland Clearances, the landlords wanted to make money by raising sheep on their property and selling the wool, so they forced tenants out of their homes. Then they burned down the tenants’ villages, clearing the land for grasses that the sheep could graze on. With their farms turned to pasture, many froze or starved to death – but the sheep ate well.

In North Korea, during the 1990s’ famine, the party leaders wanted to alleviate the food shortage by breeding goats in their country and distributing the milk, so they forced farmers to begin a massive goat-breeding program. Then they let the goat population run unchecked, clearing the mountainsides of all the shrubs that prevented landslides. With their farms ruined by landslides, many froze or starved to death – but the goats ate well."


And read the full article with pretty pictures at:

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