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Spain’s Catalonia Declares Independence

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Spain’s Catalonia Declares Independence
January 24, 2013

Europe breaks up… bound to happen… will send the world into the next ‘great recession’ (or depression)

In American football, there’s a concept best described as “fatiguing the defense”….where the opposing team’s offense is so good…that the defenders finally get overwhelmed.

We are fast approaching this point with global govts and the rotten carcass of the Cold War, pre-Internet economy they seem bound & determined to keep propped-up.

This is kinda important, and will trigger more Russia-Phobia, which might seem like an odd comment, but who do you think will get the blame ?
Will the narrative centre around Woodrow Wilson 14 points, of which The Right to Self Determination will triumph.
Or do you think this is Russian KGB Plot to breakup a NATO Ally and threaten Bilderberg's EU.

We shall see.

Zero Hedge
Catalonia Threatens Immediate Declaration Of Independence If Spain Doesn't Approve Referendum
by Tyler Durden
May 24, 2017

The Daily Express
Spain in CRISIS as Catalonia says it will declare independence WITHOUT referendum
May 22, 2017
CATALONIA’s government has reportedly drafted a secret independence bill to break away from Spain, regardless of whether or not the country holds a referendum.


David Icke Bot:
Spain's constitutional court suspends Catalan referendum law


‘The Spanish Constitutional Court last night suspended a referendum law that was approved on Wednesday by the Catalan parliament, blocking the way for an vote on independence from Spain. The law will be suspended while judges consider arguments that the vote breaches the country’s constitution.

Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish prime minister, vowed earlier on Thursday to “stop at nothing” to prevent Catalonia’s independence referendum, as his attorney general prepared to prosecute Catalan leaders.

In a blistering address, Mr Rajoy accused Catalonia’s parliament of an “intolerable act of disobedience” in passing its referendum law, insisting it had violated the Spanish constitution.

“The consultation is not going to happen in any case,” he said. “We are defending national sovereignty, the principle of legality and the institutions. We are defending the rights of all citizens, above all of the Catalans.”’

Read more: Spain’s constitutional court suspends Catalan referendum law

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