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[1] New Serbian tank is ONE OF THE BEST in the World! Here's why

[2] You have just been infiltrated by Alex Jones; now refocus your rear view optics.

[3] Internet's safe-keepers forced to postpone crucial DNSSEC root key ceremony. OIK

[4] Microshorts Windoze 10 goes all Steve 'Balmy' Balmer again. Deletes their files.

[5] 'Misty': The Cat with 4 frostbitten paws & tail, gets new feet made of titanium.

[6] What the Pentagon’s resurrection of the ancient B52 Nuclear Bomber tells us.

[7] China shows off its DF-17 hypersonic missile

[8] MOVED: China to land on Dark Side of the Moon

[9] S-400


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