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CrisPr Babies. And the risk of getting fried by 5G wireless.

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Briefly: My only concern is that the CRISPR genetic alterations will become synonymous with the 5G wireless technology. I think the advantages of Gene cutting/splicing for the human species will in the long-game be beneficial but not so when the military and globalist psychopaths get into it.

Scenario being that humans with specific genetic re-tuning could be triggered into, say, mass-shooters by wireless 5G switching on some otherwise latent but pre-programmed ON¦OFF button.
Paranoid? Yes you are! We hear a lot about the dangers of 5G causing spontaneous genetic variations and killing bees flying around the towers. I've always thought in my innocence that there must be some electromagnetic radiation frequency at which DNA/RNA & mRNA/tRNA resonates, and can be affected, just as water molecules are agitated and heated in a 2·4Ghz microwave oven.

I've been told by a time-served NHS Osteo-clinician that osteo-arthritis is long already known by the BMA, as not only a 'degenerative disorder' but as also a 'regenerative disorder', referring specifically to the DNA coding fault present in all humans. (That sounds like 'inherited sin', I told him; and he didn't disagree).
So my thoughts are at present, that osteo-arthritis could be cured by a simple gene splicing/cutting technique, and that such a move ought be encouraged despite the inevitable objections of the pain-killer pushing Big-Pharma industrials.

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