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The Language of "ZERO-TOLERANCE", IS actually a direct admittance of FASCISM ...

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"In early 1927 Werner Heisenberg gave a new characterisation of the electron. Yes, it is a particle but a particle that yields only limited information; that is you can specify where it is at this moment but then you cannot impose on it a specific speed & direction of setting off or conversely if you insist you're going to fire it at a certain speed and in a certain direction, you cannot specify its starting point or its end point will be."

(This is the Heisenberg UNCERTAINTY principle). "There is an area of tolerance or uncertainty.
Heisenberg says that no events can be measured with absolute certainty ... even with our modern precise instruments.

It's a major tragedy of our lifetime that scientists were working to a most exquisite precision with greater and greater tolerances, whilst all around them tolerance was crashing to dust, beyond repair.

The principle of uncertainty fixed once and for all, that all knowledge is limited. It's an irony of history there should rise [...] a principle of monstrous CERTAINTY.
A throw back to despotic belief, that they have absolute certainty."

This is why I got into Physics as a teenager or earlier.
'Give me a rationale description and some laws, showing how the world & universe around me, works.'

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