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Simple Interpretation of The 'Analemma' chart helps prepare for Winter's arrival

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There's no need to complicate simple observations by overly complex or pointless interpretation.
I was struck by how I can use The 'Analemma' to get a feeling for the rate of change of, and (periodic) position of the Sun as the year progresses.

You can see from following around the curve that the movement of the Earth round the Sun (yes, I nearly wrote 'Sun around the Earth', something to bear in mind); that the movement of the Sun in the sky does not follow a sinusoidal path, not by far. These rates of change in Sun position (elevation) differ significantly between the Summer and Winter. Also, you'll note from the curves, that through beginning of March to mid-May, as we go into Spring to Summer and similarly from early August to Mid-October orienting into the Autumn/Winter change; that the weekly or 10-daily (for ease) rate of change of Sun altitude above the horizon doubles with each time period, at 4° per 10-day period at maximum rate of change. Compare this with the mid-winter or mid-summer delta (rate of change), which drops to a fraction of a degree, when at minimum. That's why Winter seems like 'The Doldrums' where nothing ever changes for ages and ages ...

All this just helps me get a handle on how the Sun position changes with the passing of the seasons.

So, for those in the Northern-hemisphere with tasks to complete, outdoors, this year: we've got about 6-weeks before we're suddenly plunged into a rapidly shortening day and increasing cold. Get to work!

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