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Title: 9/11 - The Pentagon, The Cabbie and The Lamp Post Mystery
Post by: EvadingGrid on Feb 14, 2019, 06:36:51 am

9/11 - The Pentagon, The Cabbie and The Lamp Post Mystery
By Jamie Busby - Staff Author


I'v written extensively about the 9/11 scam and recently stumbled upon this fascinating little vignette, another kick in the balls for NIST and the official Deep State narrative. What follows is more than just a tiny piece of 9/11; it sums up the whole diabolical plot.

We're going to be looking at the curious case of Lloyd England, a Washington DC taxi driver whose cab was allegedly impaled by a street light pole. This lamp post, officially known as "light pole #1", was supposedly struck by Flight 77 that went on to hit the Pentagon on that fateful morning.

Lloyd England alleges that he was out driving past the Pentagon that morning when the "plane" flew overhead, knocking down light pole #1 as it passed and sending it flying through his windscreen, narrowly missing Lloyd.
Lloyd himself explained to news channels; "The plane was flying so low that it hit the pole. When it hit the pole it knocked the light part off. Nothing came through the car but the pole itself."

Fortunately for Lloyd, the pole went through the passenger side of his car, ending up embedded in the rear seats of the car. If Mr. England had been in England, he would have been sitting on that side of the car and it would have hurt... But that sort of tragedy never seems to happen in the world of the set-up.

All witnesses that saw the "plane" confirm that it approached from the North. However, the official line is that the *"plane"* initially flew several miles South, past the White House. It then performed an impossibly tight 300 degree loop before crashing into the West Wing of the Pentagon. Radar operators at the time were convinced it could only be some sort of military plane, such was the maneuverability.

These witnesses included Police officers and aviation officials, all considered "expert" witnesses. The others have all lived and worked in the area for many years, if not their whole lives. They understand the surroundings and geography of the area around the Pentagon. Furthermore, none of these independent witnesses were willing to go on the record supporting a South side approach of the "plane" in question.

Okay, that's the technical mumbo-jumbo out the way, let's get back to our cabbie friend. The witnesses all confirm that the "plane" would have been nowhere near the 5 downed light poles and would have actually have been furthest away from "light pole #1". This is the pole Lloyd England says he dragged out of his vehicle moments after the attack.

Although there is photographic evidence of all 5 light poles that were allegedly knocked down, there are no photos of light pole #1 actually inside the taxi. There are photos of the cab with a smashed windscreen with the light pole lying on the floor next to it, but none of it actually jammed through the windscreen. There are also ZERO witnesses that saw the pole in the cab or Mr. England removing it. To the contrary, they all claim that the "plane" went nowhere near these particular light poles...

However, Lloyd claims that he screeched to a halt sideways with the 30 foot long pole protruding through the windscreen of his vehicle. Hmmm... Further to that, he explained how a "silent stranger" helped him in pulling the pole out of the car.

So we have a 90 tonne Boeing 757 travelling at 530mph in one direction smashing a lamp post into poor old Lloyd's cab, which was travelling at around 40mph in the opposite direction. You'd imagine there would be some serious force in that light pole yeah?  Although it seemingly went through the windscreen, there was absolutely NO damage to the bonnet/hood of Lloyd's taxi. Not so much as a scratch. Hmmmm...

How on earth did a 30 foot long pole get hurled through a windscreen with that much energy and also be subsequently removed without leaving scratches on the bonnet? (Hint: It can't because it's impossible) This is without bearing in mind that the fucking "plane" passed nowhere near where Lloyd England claimed this incident happened anyway!

England was confronted again in 2008 with this information. Before the official interview took place, the camera was off but unbeknownst to Lloyd, the audio was being recorded. Here's what he let slip;
"One guy took pictures... he lives right over here on 17th street... he was up on the BRIDGE... He took pictures of the pole, of the car..."

However, when the cameras started rolling, Lloyd appeared to change his mind and would not admit to being anywhere near "the bridge". This is crucial. Being near or on the bridge in question would make his account nonsensical as it doesn't tie in to anything that has been said by ALL the other witnesses. Basically, the flight path the "plane" would have had to take to interfere with Lloyd's morning was at a 90 degree angle to the flight path of whatever did actually approach and hit the Pentagon!

The authorities never even bothered to take Lloyd's taxi in as evidence but he was interviewed by the FBI. He says this happened once they realised he had survived, adding that it was "because my wife works for them"...

Then he's shown multiple photographs, including the car, the pole and Lloyd himself at the part of the bridge where the "plane" couldn't possibly have crossed paths with his taxi. Yet he continually denied what this evidence clearly showed. At this point Lloyd England is tied up in knots.

All the photos examined were taken by a military photographer yet England STILL denied that they were taken from where they were taken! Don't forget that just before the camera rolled, he unwittingly told of how the photographs taken by his conveniently placed neighbour WERE taken on the bridge. Also remember that 2 years had passed since he had last spoken of the incident. Had he been "coached" by someone during this time so that his story matched up with witness accounts? The plot thickens...

The investigative team even took him out by car and drove him around, showing him that the photographic evidence proves where the incident took place. But Lloyd kept saying it was elsewhere and when they actually arrive at the exact spot it occurred, he is adamant it is NOT the right spot! While Mr. England sounds confused he is simply lying, infuriating yet comedic at the same time, such is the absurdity of his denials.

However, the team were about to catch him out again. On the drive back to his house they not only captured the audio but this time, they also had a somewhat secret camera rolling, pointing at Lloyd as he spoke. And as you will see, he's a different kettle of fish when he thinks he's not going down on the record;

BOOM.... He basically admits that he was somehow roped into a top secret 9/11 covert operation by the Deep State but at no point does he outright confess. Listening to him speak, you can tell he's just happy to get some of this stuff off his chest, not realising he's being recorded in any way. Does having a wife who works for the FBI mean anything? I don't know, but it's interesting.

Lloyd's close shave with a Boeing 757 and a lamp post was clearly staged. A "plane" did not hit the Pentagon. This incident was just one of hundreds and thousands of the carefully planned pieces of arguably the most dastardly crime ever committed. Far from being a great deception, it's actually quite transparent when you look at it closely. I struggle to comprehend how such a vast amount of people still believe that America was attacked by Arabs that day.

Maybe it's just human nature. It's truly horrific that a nation would kill thousands of it's own citizens in such an audacious plot, simply to gain support for illegal wars in the Middle East. Wars over oil that rage on to this day and show no sign of stopping. This is clearly too much for some people to accept.

But this is the Deep State we're talking about. They've done it many times before and will no doubt do it again, the ends always justify the means. Those ends? Money and power. It's ALWAYS money and power.

Fuck the Deep State and be part of the rebellion.

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Title: Re: 9/11 - The Pentagon, The Cabbie and The Lamp Post Mystery
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