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Vaccine desperation: Now flu jab 'works better' if you are happy when u have it

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Vaccine desperation: Now flu jab 'works better' if you are happy when you have it

‘New research by a team of health experts at the University of Nottingham has found evidence that being in a positive mood on the day of your flu jab can increase its protective effect.

Flu vaccination is estimated to only be effective in 17-53% of older adults compared to 70-90% of younger people. With the onset of winter and so-called ‘flu season’, the research is likely to be of interest to everyone having their autumn flu jab.

This new Nottingham-based study is the first to examine several psychological and behavioural factors that have been shown to affect how well vaccinations work. The researchers set out to understand which factor, or combination of factors has the greatest impact on the ability of vaccinations to protect against disease.’

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This type of bs story disgusts me.

Having studied research & statistics , let me tell you that having a flu success rate of between 17 to 53 % effectiveness for older adults is a pretty shoddy result.
I used to evaluate research reports for a university based  bureau of economic research;
I would have told my employers to deny future grants to these folks doing this study.

Now these pimps for the pharmaceutical industry are trying to blame people for not being" happy enough" if the vaccine does not work .
This is shameful.
"You got sick or got the flu after the jab?  Guess you weren't feeling happy enough that day. Gee ... too bad!"

Let's see a study of how many top level managers and pharmaceutical researchers are happy to take the flu jab,
and if they are "happy enough".


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What a sick joke.

How about being happy simply helps your health overall?

"My army smiles and never frowns!"  :P

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