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China shows off its DF-17 hypersonic missile

Started by EvadingGrid, Oct 01, 2019, 01:43:50 AM

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China shows off its DF-17 hypersonic missile

The short version, China can nuke anywhere in the USA and no defence system can intercept it....

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So, like some IDIOT thought that they could "WIN" the nuclear arms race.
They did it by dumping MAD and the various treaties imposing some sanity.
They said the high tech missile defence shield would mean they could strike anyone, but nobody could strike them.

Well that kinda backfired in a most spectacular way.

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Nuclear War: Just Another Day

'Catastrophic events that send the world into turmoil happen on 'just another day'. The atom bomb that exploded over Hiroshima took place while thousands of ordinary folk were just going about their everyday business on 'just another day'.

A missile attack on a neighbourhood in Gaza or a drone attack on unsuspecting civilians in Afghanistan: death and destruction come like a bolt from the blue as people shop at the local market or take their kids to school on 'just another day'.

Will it be 'just another day' when the next nuclear bomb is exploded in anger, an ordinary day when people are just going about their daily business? By then it might be too late to do anything, too late to act to try to prevent an unfolding global catastrophe on a scale never before witnessed by humans.

Yet so many appear too apathetic and wrapped up in a world of gadgets, technology, shopping malls, millionaire sports players and big-time sports events to think that such a thing could be imminent.

Are they so preoccupied with the machinations of their own lives in cotton-wool cocooned societies to think that what is happening in Syria or Iraq is just too boring to follow or that it doesn't really concern them or it is 'not my problem'?

Do they think they are untouchable, that only death, war and violence happens in faraway places?

Could any of us even contemplate that on some not-too-distant day a series of European cities could be laid waste within a matter of minutes? It isn't worth thinking about. Or is it.

The US (and the West's) foreign policy is being driven on the basis of fake morality and duplicity. Millions lie dead in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya as a result of US-led imperialism, and nuclear-armed Russia is constantly demonised simply because it will not acquiesce to Washington and serve as a vassal state.

And now, as the US continues to stir up tensions with Iran and as China warns neighbouring countries about allowing US nuclear missiles aimed at it on their territories, much of the Western public and media remain oblivious to the dangers of conflict escalation and the biggest immediate threat to all life on Earth: nuclear war.'

Read more: Nuclear War: Just Another Day


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24 seconds into video

What the Hell is That? - SNL

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