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Started by Al Bundy, Nov 09, 2020, 05:49:02 PM

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Al Bundy

Michigan officials admitted that 6,000 of Trump's votes were mistakenly registered to Biden, due to a "software error". The same software is associated with "bugs" in Georgia.

The company that made the voting devices that "mistakenly" entered Trump's votes for Biden is the Canadian company Dominion Voting Systems, and the software is called Dominion. The company is part of a globalist network. The lobbyist of that company is the assistant of Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the Congress. The Clinton Foundation is also connected with the company.

The software for voting machines was written in SERBIA, which was confirmed by the representative of the Dominion Voting Systems office in Serbia, Bojan Djordjevic. Only instead of defending himself on Twitter, it is better for him to prepare evidence for the court, and to try to survive because the accident is a witness to his bosses.

Since 2005, the mentioned company has a representative office in Belgrade, and is part of the implementation of the globalist agenda. What kind of software was written by "experts" from the Belgrade office of the Dominion is best shown by the fact that it is in use in all so-called swing states, Michigan, Winx, Minnesota, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada. So their software garnered votes in Winx, so 49,000 voted for the Republican candidate for Congress but not for Trump, 64,000 voted for Biden but not for the Democratic candidate for Congress, and 14,952 voters only voted for the president and not for Congress.

By the way, the Dominion's software was rejected three times in Texas, where the state commission stated that the system has major security problems. We will hear more about this company and its representative office in Belgrade.

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Al Bundy

Donald Trump has spoken from the White House, making extraordinary claims against the US election process and alleging Joe Biden's campaign team are trying to 'rig' the 2020 election result...

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