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Vote Labour ?

Started by EvadingGrid, Apr 23, 2017, 05:32:07 AM

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Vote Labour ?

Actually I would not vote for any political parties, but I do wish to support policy issues not personalities, or teams.... In which case when a politicain of any party advocates a good policym it ought to get my limited support. Unfortuantly the most influencial Alt -Media only give publicity or support to politicians when they say the right thing, and are right wing. Say the correct thing, and your Left Wing and it gets ignored....

(1) Scrap Nukes - unilateral disarmament

(2) Isolationist - Pull out of Syria... No more Air Strikes.

(3) Peace with Russia

Aren't two of these identical reasons cited to back another politician in an election not so long ago  ?
Of course that politician promptly did a U-Turn, which reminds me of why I'm not so keen on any politicians.

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