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Jeremy Corbyn's brother says BBC --> EVIL & BIASED against Labour leader

Started by EvadingGrid, Apr 20, 2017, 05:44:59 AM

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Jeremy Corbyn's brother says the BBC is EVIL and BIASED against the Labour leader in an extraordinary outburst

Jeremy Corbyn's brother has launched an extraordinary attack on the BBC - claiming it is 'evil' and will do all it can to stop the Labour leader becoming Prime Minister. Piers Corbyn said the Corporation is part an a 'globalist elitist establishment' colluding against his younger brother. And he dismissed Labour's abysmal poll ratings, insisting that they are failing to detect 'shy Corbynistas'.

Mr Corbyn The Telegraph: 'The BBC is evil and they will carry on being evil. At every opportunity they criticise him (Jeremy). 'Why? The BBC have never been so biased against any party leader as now. That is because Jeremy stands for something different. 'Jeremy Corbyn stands against the globalist elitist establishment and the BBC has been in the past and in the present (part of that).'

He said the BBC had been involved in the cover-ups  of Hillsborough and at Orgreave, where police and miners clashed. He added: 'Look at paedophilia and the cover-up of Jimmy Savile.'  A BBC spokesman dismissed the accusations, describing itself as an 'independent and impartial broadcaster'.

Mr Corbyn is no stranger to controversy. He runs a controversial weather forecasting firm and has dismissed global warming is 'delusional nonsense' .

And in May last year he appeared on stage alongside a notorious Holocaust denier and a leading 9/11 conspiracy theorist where he gave a speech claiming that man made climate change is a 'lie' promoted for profit by a global elite. Mr Corbyn said his brother will copy Donald Trump's tactics and use social media to reach out to voters. And he has vowed to hit the campaign trail ahead of the June 8 vote.

He said: 'The alternative media will help Jeremy. That happened with Donald Trump.' And he dismissed forecasts of Labour electoral wipeout, claiming the polls are 'biased'. He said: 'I think Jeremy can get a reasonable majority. The general election is all that counts. The polls are biased.

'There are shy Corbynistas. The polls are absolutely under-representing him. I correctly forecast Trump's victory months ahead and that Brexit would happen and people didn't believe me.'

Mr Corbyn also hailed the 'magnificent leadership' of Ken Livingstone, who has been suspended from the Labour Party for giving a radio interview in which he said Hitler 'was supporting Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews'.  Mr Corbyn said: 'In the past Ken Livingstone has provided magnificent leadership. As of now it is not for me to comment on what Labour is doing internally for whatever reason, however bizarre.'


Understand, I'm not saying Vote Labour but plz think about this issue

The so-called Alt-Media will NOT TOUCH this because he is LEFT WING
(According to certain journalists operating out of Battersea in London)

OMG !!!
* cat  triggered

See when the Alt-Media cares more about Left and Right wing than it cares about people Speaking Truth To Power, we end up in the mess we are in now . . . .