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Murder Hornet Invasion from China

Started by tahoeblue, Aug 21, 2021, 11:18:11 AM

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Agricultural warfare ?

'Murder hornets' may spread east from B.C. if not eradicated, entomologist says
Brooklyn Neustaeter @bneustaeter Contact
CTVNews.ca Writer
Published Monday, May 4, 2020 12:46PM EDT Last Updated Tuesday, May 5, 2020 8:37AM EDT

The Asian giant hornet was first spotted in B.C. in August 2019, and this past December in Washington state. Officials in those regions have now issued warnings that the Vespa mandarinia species may be active again this spring as queens emerge from hibernation to build nests and form colonies.

 Experts don't know how these giant hornets that are native to Asia ended up in North America. Currie says they were likely brought here in cargo by accident, or on purpose as a delicacy.

"They probably came over here [from Asia] in soil that was shipped. Maybe a plant that was shipped in potted soil or something like that. The queens overwinter in the soil so it is possible that a queen could be introduced through that method," Currie said.

"The other theory that has been proposed, although there is no concrete evidence, is that they could have been brought over for human consumption as a sort of delicacy. But at this point, we don't really know exactly how they got in," he added.