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Hoax Korea distraction - saving Trump's voter base

Started by EvadingGrid, Apr 11, 2017, 05:41:01 AM

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U.S. Sends 100 Caskets to DMZ to Receive Service Members' Remains
23 Jun 2018
The U.S. military announced it moved 100 caskets to the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea on Saturday in anticipation of North Korea's release of the remains of U.S. service members who went missing during the Korean War in the 1950s.

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North Korea making 'rapid' upgrades to nuclear reactor despite summit pledges

'North Korea has continued to upgrade its only known nuclear reactor used to fuel its weapons program, satellite imagery has shown, despite ongoing negotiations with the US and a pledge to denuclearise.

Infrastructure improvements at the Yongbyon nuclear plant are "continuing at a rapid pace", according to an analysis by monitoring group 38 North of commercial satellite images taken on 21 June.

The cooling system for the plutonium production reactor has been modified and at least two new non-industrial buildings have been built on the site, possibly for use by visiting officials. A new engineering office building has been completed and construction has continued on support facilities throughout the complex, according to a blog post written by Frank V Pabian, Joseph S Bermudez Jr and Jack Liu. Spam_A Spam_B The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has committed to "complete denuclearisation" in meetings with Donald Trump and South Korean president Moon Jae-in, but the details of how and when that will happen have not yet been decided. Kim announced earlier this year the the North's nuclear arsenal and weapons capable of striking the US were complete, and the North closed its only known nuclear test site in May.

"Infrastructure improvements continue at Yongbyon," Jenny Town, managing editor of 38 North, wrote on Twitter. "Underscores reason why an actual deal is necessary, not just a statement of lofty goals."

The status of various parts of the nuclear complex remains unclear, and experts cautioned linking ongoing improvements to negotiations with the US.

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Trump: 'possible' North Korea nuclear deal may not 'work out'

'Donald Trump said on Sunday it was "possible" that a deal he claimed ended the nuclear threat posed by North Korea would not "work out".

A day after it was reported that Pyongyang has increased its production of enriched uranium at secret sites, Fox Business broadcast an interview with the president.

Trump was pressed on whether he trusted Kim Jong-un, whom he met last month in Singapore and with whom he said he had "a great chemistry", to make good on promises to destroy Pyongyang's nuclear program. Spam_A Spam_B "I made a deal with him, I shook hands with him, I really believe he means it," said Trump. "Now, is it possible? Have I been in deals, have you been in things where, people didn't work out? It's possible."

Trump's words reversed his declaration upon his return from Singapore that North Korea had ended its nuclear ambitons.

"Just landed – a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office," the president tweeted on 13 June. "There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea. Meeting with Kim Jong Un was an interesting and very positive experience. North Korea has great potential for the future!"

Speaking to Fox, Trump also sought to shrink the perceived cost of the declared agreement falling through, seeking to frame his negotiations with North Korea as having been achieved without concessions.'

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The Daily Telegraph

Kim Jong-un agrees to allow in international inspectors as two Koreas meet in Pyongyang

'North Korea has agreed to permanently dismantle and shut-down its missile launch pads in Dongchang-ri in the presence of international inspectors and to move towards the decommissioning of its Yongbyon nuclear enrichment site.

After two days of talks in Pyongyang over denuclearisation and peace on the Korean Peninsula, Moon Jae-in, the South Korean president, and Kim Jong-un have pledged to hold more summits, with Kim promising to "visit Seoul in the near future".

In a joint statement released on Wednesday morning, the two countries, which are still technically at war, agreed to form a joint military committee to help avoid military escalations, to reconnect a cross-border railway and to allow letter exchanges and video calls between citizens for the first time. Spam_A Spam_B Mr Moon is the first South Korean leader to visit Pyongyang in 11 years, arriving on Tuesday morning for a high-stakes summit intended to salvage nuclear diplomacy between the US and North Korea, which have stalled in recent weeks.

The statement confirmed that North Korea was willing to continue to taking additional steps "such as the permanent dismantlement of its Yongbyon nuclear facilities."

However, in a joint press conference following the talks, Mr Moon indicated that this willingness would be conditional on certain unspecified steps by the US.

The joint statement also announced that the two Koreas had agreed to seek to obtain the rights to co-host the 2032 Summer Olympics.'



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RT - Russia Today

Pompeo complained that North & South Korea talk peace without him – South Foreign Minister

'The US Secretary of State expressed "discontent" with peaceful negotiations between North and South Korea, which signed a military pact during last month's summit without consulting him.

True to the spirit of American exceptionalism, Pompeo complained about being left out of the loop regarding the historic peace talks between the two Koreas. US President Donald Trump never skips a chance to brag about his supposed contributions to peace between the nations, extending the US's addiction to interventionism even to bilateral treaties like this one – negotiations between neighbors half a world away from American shores. Spam_A Spam_B Pompeo's complaint was revealed by South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha, speaking to an opposition lawmaker about a recent phone call with Pompeo. "I wouldn't say he made strong impressions. [It was] discontent, about how he was not briefed sufficiently," she said.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un agreed to set up a no-fly zone near the border, end military drills, and begin removing landmines and guard posts in the De-Militarized Zone separating their halves of the Korean peninsula, among other measures. The Pyongyang meeting last month was their third such summit.

The Trump administration appears concerned that the two leaders are getting too friendly as it seeks to wring further concessions out of Kim – specifically, the irreversible dismantling of North Korea's nuclear weapons program. An anonymous South Korean source quoted by Reuters believes the Americans were worried the South was making too many concessions ahead of last weekend's summit between the North and the US.'

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The Daily Telegraph

North Korea threatens return to 'exchanges of fire' over US sanctions

'North Korea has hit out at the US for stepping up sanctions against its regime, warning that it could force a return to "exchanges of fire" and block the path to nuclear disarmament forever.

Pyongyang's statement, cautioning that the US policy of "maximum pressure" would be its "greatest miscalculation", follows Washington's decision last week to slap sanctions on three North Korean officials, including Choe Ryong-hae, a top aide to leader Kim Jong-un, for alleged human rights abuses.

The US state department justified its vow to seize the three officials' US assets by accusing the regime of human rights abuses that were "among the worst in the world." Spam_A Spam_B The North foreign ministry responded on Sunday with the charge that state department was "bent on bringing ... relations back to the status of last year which was marked by exchanges of fire."

It claimed that Washington had imposed sanctions up to eight times against companies, individuals and ships of North Korea, China and Russia and other third countries, adding: "It will block the path to denuclearisation on the Korean peninsula forever – a result desired by no-one."

The statement nevertheless credited Donald Trump, the US president, for his "willingness" to improve relations with the North.

A second summit is still expected between Kim and Mr Trump after their first unprecedented encounter in Singapore in June, although the US president indicated over the weekend that he was in "no hurry" to conclude negotiations with Pyongyang.'

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RT - Russia Today

Trump-Kim summit failure no surprise as only nukes deter US regime change in N. Korea – Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard says that while she is upset by the lack of progress at the talks in Vietnam, North Korea has every reason to believe its nukes are the only deterrent against regime change, taking into account the US' record.

Hawaii Rep. and Democratic presidential hopeful Gabbard sat down for a brief one-on-one with Fox News' Tucker Carlson on Thursday, relaying her thoughts on the summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and lambasting the US interventionist political doctrine.

The summit, which wrapped up abruptly with Trump walking out of the talks after refusing to offer any relief of sanctions to Pyongyang, has been described as a flop, having done little to advance the denuclearization issue. Gabbard said that although she was "deeply concerned" that the summit ended without any agreement, she was not surprised.

She argued that the regime change policy championed by the US is to blame for undermining its own security, as it is ultimately responsible for the failure in breaking the Korean stalemate.

QuoteKim Jong-un has clearly stated that he has been holding on to nuclear weapons as his only deterrent against the United States coming in and waging a regime change war in North Korea

The congresswoman noted that the US playing global gendarme by "overthrowing and toppling dictators or countries who we don't like" comes with a heavy price to both the American people, who pay "trillions of dollars" to fund these military adventures, and to the people in the countries that suffer as a result of the interventions.

It is the military-industrial complex and the top guns in Washington that "invested their entire careers" in drumming up support for regime change who profit from constant wars, not the American people, Gabbard said.'

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RT - Russia Today

'Time to end the nuclear threat': Graham hints at war within hours after Trump-Kim summit stalls

'Sen. Lindsey Graham is already sabre-rattling at North Korea less than a day after President Donald Trump and leader Kim Jong-un ended their summit amicably without a signed agreement. Graham, it seems, doesn't handle peace well.

While the South Carolina Republican applauded Trump for walking away from the negotiating table rather than agreeing to anything less than "complete denuclearization" from the DPRK, Graham didn't seem to grasp the concept of incremental progress, or improved diplomatic relations, resorting to the threats and dusting off Trump's own puerile name-calling from over a year ago. "We must not go back to the status quo," Graham warned, even getting in a jibe at "Rocket Man" – though Kim has not conducted a missile test since 2017 and reportedly told Trump he has no plans to do so.

"If negotiations fail, it would be time to end the nuclear threat from North Korea – one way or the other," Graham said ominously. Both Kim and Trump, meanwhile, left the summit looking full of optimism that a deal would be struck in the future.

Graham has historically been among the most trigger-happy of his trigger-happy party, eclipsed perhaps only by his friend the late Sen. John McCain, who never met a country a good bombing wouldn't fix. Graham famously predicted in 2017 that there was a 30 percent chance Trump would preemptively nuke North Korea to prevent Kim from developing a weapon capable of hitting the US, and he has been among the most strident voices excoriating the president whenever Trump hints at pulling troops out of Syria, Afghanistan, or any of the other endless conflicts in which the US military is involved around the globe.'

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Press TV

South Korea claims North Korea restoring part of destroyed ballistic missile site

'South Korea alleges that North Korea is restoring a ballistic missile launch facility it had torn down as an initial step toward denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, less than a week after US President Donald Trump cut short his second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un without sealing a deal.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency cited on Tuesday a report by the country's National Intelligence Service (NIS) as saying that North Korea "appears to be putting back a roof and a door (to a Dongchang-ri facility)."

The site, located in North Pyongan Province, is said to be served as the engine test site and missile launch facility for liquid-fueled intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM).

Last year, Pyongyang announced that the site, which is known by at least two other names, Tongchang-ri and Sohae, had been fully destructed.

The report by the South's spy agency confirmed, however, that late last year Pyongyang halted the operation of its 5-megawatt reactor at its mainstay nuclear complex in Yongbyon, north of Pyongyang, "with no signs of reprocessing activities there."'

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North Korea mulls renewing tests after 'gangster-like' stance by Pompeo and Bolton – Deputy FM

The Hanoi summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un wrapped up ahead of schedule and with no deal, let alone a breakthrough that could move negotiations past the deadlock.

North Korea made its first public assessment of the meeting on Friday, with Deputy Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui, who took part in the talks, accusing senior figures in the Trump team of overriding the president and bringing "an atmosphere of hostility and mistrust" to the table, AP reported.

The North Korean delegation came to Hanoi with a realistic proposal of the US lifting some economic sanctions as a gesture of recognition of Pyongyang's 15-month moratorium on nuclear and ballistic missile tests, Choe told diplomats and journalists. Trump expressed to Kim that he was willing to show flexibility during a one-on-one meeting. But later, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton interfered, demanding full denuclearization before any sanctions would be lifted, which the North Koreans found "an absurd sophism."'


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Press TV

Bolton warns North Korea not to test missiles

'US national security adviser John Bolton has warned North Korea not to renew missile tests as negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang have ended in a stalemate.

The warning came after a senior North Korean official said Friday that Pyongyang was considering suspending talks on denuclearization with the United States and resuming its nuclear and missile tests.

QuoteBolton, during a radio interview aired Sunday morning, said, "They issued an unhelpful statement saying they were thinking of going back to nuclear and ballistic missile testing, which would not be a good idea on their part."

"The North Koreans really, unfortunately, were not willing to do what they needed to do," he told John Catsimatidis, a New York-based radio host on AM970.

The second summit between President Donald Trump and leader Kim Jong-un collapsed last month over differences on how far Pyongyang was willing to limit its nuclear program and the degree of US eagerness to ease sanctions. Trump abruptly walked away from the talks and held a press conference shortly afterwards.'

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Reuters Confirms That Bolton Torpedoed the Hanoi Summit

'An explosive report by Reuters confirms that John Bolton sabotaged the denuclearization talks between Kim Jong un and Donald Trump in Hanoi in February. According to a March 29 exclusive by journalists Lesley Wroughton and David Brunnstrom:

"Donald Trump handed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a piece of paper" demanding that Kim surrender all of his "nuclear weapons and bomb fuel to the United States." Trump also added a number of unrelated demands including "fully dismantling" all "chemical and biological warfare program(s).... and ballistic missiles, launchers, and associated facilities." Trump surprised Kim by demanding complete, unilateral disarmament in exchange for a flimsy promise to lift economic sanctions sometime in the future. Naturally, Kim rejected the offer. Here's more from the same article:

Quote"The document appeared to represent Bolton's long-held and hardline "Libya model" of denuclearization that North Korea has rejected repeatedly....North Koreans rejected Bolton's repeated demands for it to follow a denuclearization model under which components of Libya's nuclear program were shipped to the United States in 2004.

Seven years after a denuclearization agreement was reached between the United States and Libya's leader, Muammar Gaddafi, the United States took part in a NATO-led military operation against his government and he was overthrown by rebels and killed" ("Exclusive: With a piece of paper, Trump called on Kim to hand over nuclear weapons", Reuters)

Bolton presented Kim with an offer he knew Kim would reject, the same offer that led to the destruction of Libya and the savage murder of Gaddafi. Bolton wanted the talks to fail so he could push for tougher sanctions that would pave the way for regime change. That was his goal. Kim's nuclear weapons were never the target, they were merely the pretext for intensifying the economic strangulation, the relentless belligerence and the threats of war.'

Read More : Reuters Confirms That Bolton Torpedoed the Hanoi Summit


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US/North Korea Talks Undermined by Pompeo and Bolton

Trump's "fire and fury like the world has never seen" remark about North Korea shifted to the appearance of friendship with Kim Jong-un, DJT saying "(h)e wrote me beautiful letters and we fell in love."

Two summits and Trump's meeting with Kim across the DMZ on North Korean soil, a first by a US sitting president, achieved nothing toward ending US hostility toward the country since the Korean peninsula was divided post-WW II.

Talks between Kim and Trump broke down because of unacceptable US demands in return for empty promises.

Its history is clear – a record of breached treaties, conventions and other deals, the US agreeing to one thing, then going another way – why it can never be trusted.

Pompeo and Bolton sabotaged talks between Kim and Trump. They got DJT to make Kim an offer to be refused — demanding the DPRK transfer its nuclear arsenal and bomb fuel to the US.

In writing, his regime also insisted that Pyongyang dismantle its nuclear and whatever chemical and biological infrastructure it may have, along with eliminating its ballistic missiles, launchers, and related facilities, as well as handing over to the US its dual-use technologies.

Almost everything hi-tech or close to it can be considered potentially dual-use.

Other unacceptable demands included North Korea providing the Trump regime with a full and comprehensive explanation of its nuclear program, giving US inspectors unimpeded access to its facilities, halting construction of everything related to its nuclear activities, along with shifting its scientists and technicians to non-nuclear activities.

The Trump regime demanded unilateral DRRK surrender to its will — in return for nothing, not even modest good faith gestures, just empty promises to be broken like countless times before.

Bolton earlier said "(w)e have very much in mind the Libya model from 2003, 2004" in dealings with North Korea.

Gaddafi abandoned his WMD development. In February 2011, US-dominated NATO launched naked aggression against the country, raping and destroying it, transforming Africa's most developed country into a dystopian charnel house, sodomizing Gaddafi to death – things remaining violent and chaotic today.

Pyongyang has no intention of entrapping itself the same way. Its nuclear and other weapons are solely for defense by a nation that never attacked another state throughout its history.

It's willing to abandon its nuclear arsenal only in return for iron-clad security guarantees, an end to decades of uneasy armistice, removal of unacceptable sanctions, and normalization of relations with the US and other countries.

Its nuclear deterrent was developed and remains maintained, fearing a repeat of what happened in the early 1950s — the rape and destruction of its country, massacring millions of its people by a hostile aggressor.

Perhaps US/DPRK rapprochement will never happen, surely not with hardliners in charge of US policymaking, needing enemies to advance their imperial agenda.

Since none exist, they're invented, North Korea a key target because of its sovereign independence, not for any threat. Claiming it exists is fabricated, how the US operates against all nations it doesn't control.

In summer 2018, North Korea's Foreign Ministry accused the Trump regime of pursuing "unilateral and gangster-like demands for denuclearization," calling its unacceptable actions "deeply regrettable," sabotaging normalization efforts — hardliners Pompeo and Bolton to blame.

Last December, Pyongyang accused the Trump regime of "block(ing) the path to denuclearization on the Korean peninsula forever," adding:

The US is "bent on bringing...relations back to the status of last year" when Trump demeaned Kim by calling him "little rocket man."

Before June 2018 Kim/Trump summit talks in Singapore, Pompeo falsely claimed "American interests are held at risk by the existential threat posed by North Korea (sic)" — a bald-faced Big Lie. Throughout its history, the DPRK threatened no other nations.

Pompeo and Bolton run Trump's geopolitical agenda, warmongers deploring world peace and stability, figures to be feared, never trusted.

Bolton earlier said the only way to end North Korea's nuclear program is "to end (the) regime," adding: "It's not enough...to impose sanctions."

A Bolton critic earlier said he never met a sovereign independent country he didn't want to bomb. Pompeo likely shares similar views.

Because of continued US hardline actions, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho called Pompeo the "diehard toxin of the US diplomacy," adding:

"Nothing decent can be expected from Pompeo, a man subject to strong censure from many countries for adopting the most wicked methods of the Central Intelligence Agency as diplomatic means in every part of the world."

He "los(t) face as" Washington's top "diplomatic...He who has no shame has no conscience."<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span>

"He is truly impudent enough to utter such thoughtless words which only leave us disappointed and skeptical as to whether we can solve any problem with such a guy."

He's "a trouble-maker bereft of sensible cogitative power and rational judgment as he only casts dark shadow over the prospect of the DPRK-US negotiations."

"We are ready for both dialogue and stand-off" — never surrendering the nation's sovereignty to another state.

North Korea's official Rodong Sinmun broadsheet slammed the Trump regime's "imperialistic behavior" and "double-dealing" for undermining denuclearization talks.

Interviewed by the Washington Examiner last week, Pompeo threatened North Korea, saying if its authorities don't denuclearize, the Trump regime will "continue to keep on the sanctions that are the toughest in all of history..."

Addressing the American Legion's national convention days earlier, Pompeo demeaned North Korea, saying its "rogue behavior (sic) could not be ignored."

DPRK First Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui responded, calling his remarks "thoughtless."<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span>

He "provoked us once again by making an irrational remark. (He) severely insult(ed) us...mak(ing) it more difficult (to pursue) working-level negotiations."

"Our expectations for dialogue with the US have been fading gradually, and it has been pushing us to the situation where we are compelled to review all the measures that we have taken until now."

"The US had better not try to test our patience any longer with remarks that irritate us if it does not want to make horrendous regrets."

Pompeo earlier suggested he has post-Trump presidential ambitions. The former congressman/CIA director ruled out a Senate run.

Those close to him say he's weighing the possibility as a stepping-stone to higher office.

Politico said "(f)ew GOP politicians have more ambition or the prospect of upward mobility than Pompeo."


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