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Vaccine Side Effects Compilation

Started by Rob, Apr 05, 2021, 07:40:38 PM

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Although most people seem fine after getting the Covid vaccine some don`t fare so well.

"Let justice be done though the heavens fall."


#1 Trouble Maker

And this is only the beginning.  Wait until the next influenza season when their body can't even fight the common cold, or when the DNA altering platform gives rise to any number of diseases / cancer.

Dr. Naomi Hunter

Quote from: Rob on Apr 05, 2021, 07:40:38 PMAllow most people seem fine after getting the Covid vaccine some don`t fare so well.

Now, all that needs to happen is a real life V for Vendetta scenario where ALL the major psyop (aka "news) broadcast channels are forcibly overridden and play this video on repeat for several days.

This might be some of the news headlines to follow:

"5,000+ ________ agents, officials, and _____ CEO's were shot dead by tens of millions of Americans storming numerous ______, and ______ headquarters with signs saying "we saw the truth about the Covid vaccine that you dared you thought you could censor, and this is the hell we are delivering to you in rightful retaliation, and self defense, for your acts of real terrorism that are a thousand thousand times more evil than the 9/11 false flag that you had gotten away with."

"500 mercenaries of the former _________ company tasked with defending multi-billionaires were overwhelmed by Americans after the recent news broadcasting nationwide hack that broadcasted a video showing deaths and permanent disability from the covid shots.  There were no survivors, the company President has declined to comment."

This video SHOULD be the only reason for all of the ammo shortages (by the general public).


Here is a video of Tal Zaks the Chief Medical Officer of Moderna Therapeutics about rewriting the genetic code to cure cancer.He has described the company's products as "hacking the software of life" and permanently altering a person's genetic code.

"Let justice be done though the heavens fall."

Dr. Naomi Hunter

"Woman takes vaccine and 4 days later is fully immunized from Covid"
QuoteUnfortunately she died of natural causes after becoming immune to covid.
QuoteNotable legal analyst Midwin Charles was successfully immunized from covid-19  but unfortunately died due to coincidence and underyling health condition a couple days after receiving the covid-19 vaccines.
It saddens me as she was a fellow fierce proponent for the covid-19 vaccines and proud supporter of Biden.
A success story should not be overshadowed by unfortunate coincidences + correlation.
QuoteI hope more brave souls speak up   + encourage people to get the covid-19 vaccines like the sister of a man who died from the covid-19 vaccine.
More people should be like her and say whatever the vaccine companies like Pfizer, Azstranzeca, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson pay or threaten them to say!

"6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

7 Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!

8 Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire.

9 And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire."

Matthew 18: 6-9

#1 Trouble Maker

I made a video as the death count first began to skyrocket in during the roll out of these experiments.

The corporate media, and corporate-state social, media flipped out and began to censor / greatly restrict ALL death and injuries associated with these experiments.  In the video I made, someone was using a powerpoint Information graphic platform called 'Prezi'. It did not take long for 'Prezi' to shut down the info-graph site.  It was like a war memorial of all the dead and injured and a mega truth nuke against the enslavement reset agenda.

It was at this very time all globalist media got their marching orders from the technocratic medical unelected 'authorities to put out the meme that no-one is allowed to say the vaccine directly killed them.  Although the same were telling the public that traffic accidents and gun shots were COVID deaths as well due to a positive pcr test at some point in their lives.

Dr. Naomi Hunter

"No Vax? Well then you can burn in the volcano you heathens!!!!!"


QuoteSpecial Reports

They Came for a Caribbean Escape, and Stayed for COVID Shots
— St. Croix rides wave of vaccine tourism

by Kristina Fiore, Director of Enterprise & Investigative Reporting, MedPage Today March 24, 2021

When Weehawken, New Jersey, resident Hemal Trivedi decided to get away to a Caribbean island this winter, she wasn't expecting to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by the time she flew home.

But that's exactly what happened, for her, her husband, and four other friends in their 30s and 40s who stayed on St. Croix from late December to early March, working remotely and enjoying each other's company.

"We wanted a winter escape and we realized this opportunity would never happen again, so we said we should all go somewhere together," Trivedi told MedPage Today. "Getting the vaccine was just a happy accident."

MedPage Today spoke with several travelers from the mainland who went to the island, which is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), who received the vaccine as an added benefit, or who were able to secure an appointment before heading south.

It's not clear exactly how widespread vaccine tourism to the island is, or how large of a surplus the island has, but officials insist that supply is robust.

At the same time, it's been an uphill battle to convince vaccine-hesitant residents to get their shots, but USVI Gov. Albert Bryan, Jr. said during a Monday press briefing that vaccine tourism isn't a worry for the territory.

"Our real concern is not if we're getting vaccine tourism," Bryan said during the briefing. "Our real concern is, do we have enough vaccines for everybody? We're seeing 90 to 100 walk-ins on each island per day, and we're able to serve them. There are no lines. As long as we're able to do that, it will not be as much of a concern to us."

He estimated only about 3% of the territory's 33,862 doses administered as of Monday went to vaccine tourists. About 30% of the population have had a first dose, and about 13% have received two doses, he said.

While Caucasians make up a larger proportion of vaccine recipients than they do in the community, that could indicate vaccine tourism, Bryan said, but "more likely it means Caucasians living in the Virgin Islands are more apt to take the vaccine and take it quicker."

He said everyone on the island should be encouraged to go and get a vaccine, "because it is a privilege now. Nowhere else in the U.S. can you just walk in and get a vaccine, anybody over 16. We need to take advantage of that."

'Shot in the Arm' for a Battered Economy?

Rob DeRocker, a 62-year-old communications and real estate professional based in Tarrytown, New York, owns a condo on St. Croix and comes down most winters. (Also, his business includes promoting the USVI.) This year, he arrived in early January, and the next day made an appointment for a vaccine the following week. His wife, 66, came down in mid-February and received her first dose 2 days later.

"I was initially reluctant to get the shot, because I didn't want to deprive others, but I kept being reassured that the supply is not an issue," DeRocker told MedPage Today. Several younger friends had received theirs, he said, and "it was an open secret by February that if you wanted one, you could get it here."

Trivedi said her vaccine opportunity arose after a friend overheard a group of people at the pool of the condo they were renting talking about getting vaccine appointments. The six friends were all able to put their names on a list that would notify them about extra doses.

"We were on the beach when we got the text message saying, 'come now to get vaccinated!'" Trivedi said. "We dropped everything and went to the clinic."

Michael and Joanie Berg of Maplewood, New Jersey, were looking for a winter getaway after a few stressful events. When they heard that they could probably get the vaccine in St. Croix, they were sold.

At the same time, it's been an uphill battle to convince vaccine-hesitant residents to get their shots, but USVI Gov. Albert Bryan, Jr. said during a Monday press briefing that vaccine tourism isn't a worry for the territory.

"Our real concern is not if we're getting vaccine tourism," Bryan said during the briefing. "Our real concern is, do we have enough vaccines for everybody? We're seeing 90 to 100 walk-ins on each island per day, and we're able to serve them. There are no lines. As long as we're able to do that, it will not be as much of a concern to us."

"It wasn't the reason for coming here, but it was a nice bonus," Joanie Berg told MedPage Today.

The couple, in their late 30s, was able to make a vaccine appointment a few days before flying down. They'll receive their second dose at the end of the month, a few days before flying home.

The Bergs received their vaccine through Plessen Healthcare's vaccine clinic on St. Croix. Angela East, the company's corporate administrator and vaccine coordinator, told MedPage Today that Plessen gives between 180 and 230 shots each day, making them one of the top providers in the territory.

East didn't have numbers on vaccines given to tourists, but said, "we're not going to turn you away because you're not from St. Croix."

Sometimes, it's obvious that people seeking shots aren't residents, she said: "Last week a tour group from Puerto Rico pulled up in a safari bus to get the vaccine."

Vaccine hesitancy among residents is also starting to lift, from her perspective. "Once you tap into one or two core influencers at churches or in a neighborhood, then more people become open to it," she said.

Plessen and others want to ensure that supply remains adequate for all who want it, which is one reason they're eager to vaccinate.

"We're getting adequate supply based on the fact that we are distributing effectively," she said. "[Allocation] has to do with the population but also with the number of vaccines we're distributing."

In an interview conducted through a USVI health department representative, Monife Stout, territorial immunization director, said that supply and distribution are "fluid, with the public demand to be vaccinated and the increase in federal allotments." The current federal weekly allocation to the entire territory -- which encompasses St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John -- is 2,340 doses of Pfizer's vaccine, 1,100 doses of Moderna's, and 100 doses of Johnson & Johnson's, Stout said.

"The number has increased twice already and will continue as the presidential administration approves and vaccines are produced," Stout said.

When asked about the surplus on St. Croix, Stout noted that some of the USVI's "larger providers and federally qualified health centers that have high vaccination rates are on St. Croix. Most of these providers have satellite offices from which vaccines are offered, enabling a wider reach of persons to be vaccinated."

Fighting Vaccine Hesitancy

On March 1, USVI opened up vaccination to all residents ages 16 and up -- mainly as an effort to increase local uptake.

The three islands count about 100,000 people as residents, the majority being Afro-Caribbean, with about half on St. Thomas (which has the territory's major cruise port) and half on St. Croix. St. John, which is mostly a national park, has only about 4,000 residents.

The governor's goal is to vaccinate 50,000 residents by July 1.

Convincing residents to take the vaccine hasn't been easy. Trivedi and DeRocker described seeing vans driving through towns with people using megaphones to advertise the availability and safety of the vaccine.

"It reminded me of elections in India," said Trivedi, who originally hails from Mumbai.

During a press briefing last Friday, the territory's medical director, Tai Hunte-Ceasar, MD, expressed frustration about vaccine hesitancy, delivering an impassioned plea for everyone to get vaccinated, her voice cracking as she talked about health officials growing very tired.

"We are still struggling to get our people to come get vaccinated," she said. "We've opened it up to the entire population, there are no barriers. Yet we still have individuals who are contemplating the benefit."

Hunte-Ceasar answered MedPage Today's questions about addressing vaccine hesitancy through a department of health spokesperson, noting that vaccine hesitancy was a problem in the territory before COVID.

"However, we have seen a significant increase in the acceptance of the vaccine over a gradual process that has been consistent throughout the nation," she said. "We launched a vaccine education/confidence campaign with agency presentations to provide Q&A sessions. These presentations increased the acceptance of the vaccine tremendously."

As well, the government sponsored a media campaign, she said. "This, paired with community engagement through outreach, has worked to combat hesitancy throughout the territory."

Each island has a community vaccination center, in addition to other vaccination locations, with longer lists for St. Croix and St. Thomas.

Still, COVID-19 cases continue to crop up, especially on St. Croix, officials said. Over the most recent 10-day period (March 12 to March 22), there were 91 new positives, with 68 on St. Croix and 23 on St. Thomas. Three patients were hospitalized, with one ventilated, on St. Croix; one was hospitalized and ventilated on St. Thomas.

It's not clear whether those cases were locally transmitted, or brought in by tourists. However, DeRocker sees vaccine tourists being more of a boon than a detriment to the economy.

"It's bringing people to St. Croix for the first time," he told MedPage Today. "If they stay for 3 weeks, that's a substantial investment of time and money."

Indeed, the Bergs told MedPage Today they'd come back to St. Croix, possibly for a very long time: "This is the place we've decided we'd like to retire someday," Michael said.[/size]

Last Updated March 24, 2021

Dr. Naomi Hunter



"Lauren explains it "Started with chest pain, paralysis on my left side."

"I was rushed over via ambulance to [Baylor University Medical Center] where I have had numerous scans done. I have had about eight seizures in the last two days – never had a seizure before. They did find a 3mm brain aneurysm. I am currently hooked up to my EEG so they can monitor my seizures."
Learn more about RevenueStripe...

In a follow-up video, Lauren says she began suffering seizures nearly two-and-a-half hours after receiving the vaccine, in addition to having a 102° F fever.

Social media posts from people documenting their adverse reactions are quickly piling up, with video of another woman blaming head swelling on the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine also surfacing Friday."

Dr. Naomi Hunter

Realize the 'from the globalists approved narrative point of view' clever sarcasm by this posters comments:

QuoteCrazy neo nazis come up with some anti-semitic conspiracy theories about a possible genocide coming this winter when the covid-19 vaccine takers with compromised immune systems start gettign sick from regular seasonal flus.

It's almost as if these crazy neo-nazis believe that the mass immunization of 50% of the american population, not some fictional new "brazilian covid strain" will have somethign to do with the mass upcoming deaths this winter.
The imagination of these schizophrenic anti-vaxxers conspiracy nut jobs seems to have no bounds. It is is quite frankly dangerous for the greater good.

QuoteI'm glad that news websites like NZ Herald are doing their part in making sure no fear + Doubt is created over 100 % coincidental deaths related to the covid-19 vaccines. I hope they fired the reporter who initially wrote the article + mentioned the irrelevent part about her taking the covid-19 vaccine right before her sudden and unexpected death.

I am also glad to see that police officers are doing their part in protecting these vaccine manufacturer companies by treating the husband as the possible murder suspect and not the covid-19 vaccine.

Quote50yr old Julie Schlachter Splattstoesser celebrated her successful immunization from covid-19 on facebook after receiving her covid-19 vaccine on December 31st 2020. She passed away a few hours later due to old age on December 31st 2020.

QuoteProud 21 year old vaccine taker, Nicole Cahil,  died of natural causes/old age on March 4 2021 after taking the covid-19 vaccine on Feb 25 2021.
QuoteDelusional low IQ woman insinuates that the covid-19 vaccine had something to do with her father's sudden death.
Remember, her father died WITH the vaccine, not from the vaccine.


ruh roh https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/study-covid-variant-pfizer-vaccinated-unvaccinated

Dr. Naomi Hunter

"Can't believe the extent to which these anti-vaxxers will go to spread fear about the covid-19 vaccines."

Dr. Naomi Hunter

"Prime example of mental illness & retardation from a low IQ trump supporting anti Vaxxer, Mike Yeadon, the former Vice President & Chief Health Officer for Pfizer for 16 years.
Probably bitter that he doesn't get to reap the billions of profits from the Pfizier vaccines that his successor, Albert Bourla, is now enjoying."

"Reliable fact checker websites like Snopes + Reuters that definitely don't have an agenda are already dragging his name through the mud, calling him the "anti-vax hero" so you can be rest assured that he's just bitter mad scientist character gone crazy.
Just one look at these high IQ owners of Snopes, and you can just tell their fact-checking operations are run on integrity & honesty."

"Is this the salem witch trial all over again? Except this time we think the witches are the covid-19 vaccines? We need to start standing up for the vaccine manufacturers and health authority figures like Fauci & bill Gates before this gets out of hand!

Absolutely insane. The unprecedented amount of psychological hysteria people are experiencing with these covid-19 vaccines is quite worrisome & disheartening

These people are posting about their psychological meltdowns as we speak!

Why can't these people get a grip of themselves and realize that all of these symptoms they are having are just in their head? FB needs to crack down on these people and ban them immediately before they stop any more people from getting the covid-19 jabs! "

Dr. Naomi Hunter

QuoteReddit NPCs documenting their newly acquired superpowers after receiving their covid-19 vaccines

Dr. Naomi Hunter

QuoteThese low IQ anti-vaxxers are now attacking masks now! thank god the high IQ heroes at snopes are doing their best to debunk these claims made by Canadian health officials

Imagine if these claims were in fact true. Think of all the children who've been forced to wear the masks for the past year everyday in school.
But thank god Snope has reassured me this is nothing but a conspiracy theory concocted by anti-semitic nut jobs. It's also hard to believe anyway becuase something this evil has never ever been done before .


The ex-Pfizer scientist who became an anti-vax hero
Mike Yeadon

Filed March 18, 2021, 11 a.m. GMT

"I'll soon be gone"

Earlier this year, a group of Yeadon's former Pfizer colleagues expressed their concern in a private letter, according to a draft reviewed by Reuters.

"We have become acutely aware of your views on COVID-19 over the last few months ... the single mindedness, lack of scientific rigour and one sided interpretation of often poor quality data is far removed from the Mike Yeadon we so respected and enjoyed working with."

Noting his "vast following on social media" and that his claim about infertility "has spread globally," the group wrote, "We are very worried that you are putting people's health at risk."

Reuters couldn't determine whether Yeadon received the letter.

On Feb. 3, Yeadon's Twitter account had a message for his 91,000 followers: "A tweet recently appeared under my ID, which was horribly offensive. As a result my account was locked. I of course deleted it. I want you to know of course that I didn't write it." A Twitter spokesman declined to comment.
Two days later, he was off Twitter. His followers were greeted with this message: "This account doesn't exist." His LinkedIn profile also soon changed, now stating that he is "Fully retired."
Clare Craig, a British pathologist, compared Yeadon's treatment on Twitter – where some users derided his views as nonsense and dangerous – to medieval societies burning heretics at the stake.

Dr. Naomi Hunter


'Young, healthy' South Mississippi man suffers stroke hours after receiving J&J vaccine
The family of Brad Malagerie say they think the vaccine contributed to his stroke.

By Karen Abernathy | April 14, 2021 at 7:30 AM CDT - Updated April 14 at 2:54 PM

ST. MARTIN, Miss. (WLOX) - When the news broke about the pause of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine Tuesday, one Coast family was already living with a tragedy they believe was caused by the vaccine.

It started out as a normal day for 43-year-old Brad Malagarie of St. Martin. This busy father of seven spent the morning at his D'Iberville office before heading to get a Johnson & Johnson vaccine a little after noon.

Brad Malagarie of St. Martin was a healthy man until last week when he suffered a stroke. His family says it happened just days after his received the J&J vaccine. (Source: Malagarie Family)

He returned to work, and within three hours coworkers noticed he was unresponsive at his desk.

"They called me and said he had that vaccine and something is wrong, we think it's a stroke," said Celeste Foster O'Keefe, Malagarie's aunt.

Brad Malagarie of St. Martin was a healthy man until last week when he suffered a stroke. His family says it happened just days after his received the J&J vaccine. (Source: Malagarie Family)

Malagarie was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a stroke. A blood clot had lodged in his left middle cerebral artery. O'Keefe, who is also Brad's boss, said the family believes without a doubt that the vaccine caused the stroke.

"He's a young, healthy 43-year-old, and I immediately thought it, and I said be sure to tell the doctors he took that J & J vaccine and that, to me, is what caused his stroke," she said.

O'Keefe said her nephew's only health issue before the vaccine was high blood pressure, which was controlled with medication.

Now, one week after the vaccine, he's in critical but stable condition at Ochsner's Medical Center in New Orleans, his wife Cori by his side. Their families' lives changed tragically overnight.

"He can't talk now and he can't walk. He's paralyzed on the right side. He knows who we are and he will just cry when he sees us," O'Keefe said.

Doctors don't know Malagarie's prognosis for recovery yet but said it will likely take at least a year of rehab after he leaves the hospital.

"At least we want him to be able to communicate, to be able to walk and talk again, even if it's not perfect," O'Keefe said.

Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration announced that they were looking into unusual blood clots in six women between the ages of 18 and 48 how received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. One person died.

Because of that, the Mississippi State Department of Health instructed all physicians, clinics, and hospitals to stop using the J&J vaccine until there is more guidance from the CDC or FDA.

Of the 1.4 million vaccines administered in the Magnolia State, the Mississippi State Health Department said about 42,000 people received the J&J vaccine with no or mild side effects. Nationwide, more than 6.8 million doses of the J&J vaccine have been given.

"We're going to be straightforward," State Health Officer Thomas Dobbs said. "We have a broad range of vaccines that are highly available and effective, but we're talking about a rare complication related to one of the three vaccines that we have."

MSDH released the following statement to WLOX Tuesday after learning of Malagarie's condition:

"The Mississippi State Department of Health is saddened to hear about the recent illness of Mr. Malagarie and wishes him well. The Agency is certainly investigating the situation. It is difficult, if not impossible, to assign a cause and effect at this time. It is important to note that strokes are not associated with this vaccine – instead a rare clotting syndrome has been identified. Further, adverse reaction has been between cited between six and 13 days after the vaccine was administered. Of the six noted cases, all are women between the age of 18 and 38. Yesterday, the Mississippi State Department of Health paused all administration of the J and J vaccine until further guidance from the FDA."

If you've received the J&J vaccine, you're asked to contact your doctor if you develop any of the following symptoms (within three weeks post-vaccination):

    severe headache
    abdominal pain/leg pain
    shortness of breath

O'Keefe said while Tuesday's news came too late to help her nephew, the family now feels at least a small bit of relief knowing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is currently out of circulation.

"I'm glad it was taken off the market. If you can help one person, you've stopped a world of pain for that whole family. I mean, maybe it's only been a handful of people affected, but when it's your family, it doesn't feel like a handful."

The family is holding a Facebook fundraiser trying to help cover some of his medical costs on his long road to recovery.

Dr. Naomi Hunter

QuotePsycho conspiracy theory nutjub, Kary Mulis, the inventor of the PCR test & Nobel Laureate spreads lies about our glorious leader, Dr Fauci, before his coincidental death on August of 2019, few months before the scary Covid-19 pandemic began!

QuoteMore Daily reports + fake news stories coming from more vaccinated people as we speak.

facebook gotta shut these people up


Dr. Naomi Hunter

Quotemore fake news.
IMO having migraines nonstop 24/7 for 3 months is better than getting a mild cough from covid.
QuoteAny of you miscbrahs care to start a vigilante group to stop these anti-semites from spreading fake news about the covid-19 pfizer + moderna vaccines?

Dr. Naomi Hunter

QuoteJust lol at these schizophrenic Q-anon nutjobs complaining about having a Cerebral Aneurysm  + sepsis rash after getting the Pfizer & Moderna covid-19 vaccines. Don't these Q-anon tards know that this is completely normal or coincidental?

all I see here is a bunch of schizophrenic Q-tards having mental breakdowns, confirming their biases against the covid-19 vaccine in their anti-vax trump supporting echo chamber.

Stop blaming the innocent covid-19 vaccines for everything, lol!

Dr. Naomi Hunter

Quoteso this guy gets hella side effects from the moderna shot, cdc and er tell him theres nothing they can do and that he is a guinea pig basically. he tries to warn others and gets censored and even flamed for spreading "anti vax crap"

his thread https://www.reddit.com/r/CovidVaccinated/comments/mq2pzu/living_in_hell_after_the_morderna_vaccine/

his vid https://www.facebook.com/ChristopherColgan/videos/10159047992788490

QuoteMore mentally ill people insinuating that receiving the covid-19 vaccines  triggered their bouts of psychotic fits

QuoteSome perks that may come with the covid-19 vaccine : cute freckles

QuoteNow that they got governments to stop Johnson & Johnson vaccines with their fake news, they wanna attack innocent Moderna vaccines too .

Dr. Naomi Hunter

QuoteAnti-Semetic Q-tards spread fake news about the Innocent Moderna Covid-19 Vaccines!!
They must be stopped!

QuoteGoodnight Sweet Prince. At least you died knowing you were immune from covid-19


#1 Trouble Maker

Quote from: Dr. Naomi Hunter on Apr 14, 2021, 03:09:42 PMhttps://www.wlox.com/2021/04/14/family-young-healthy-south-mississippi-man-who-suffered-stroke-believe-jj-vaccine-caused-it/

'Young, healthy' South Mississippi man suffers stroke hours after receiving J&J vaccine
The family of Brad Malagerie say they think the vaccine contributed to his stroke.

I hate to say it, he needed a slap upside the head for stupidity more than he needed this vaccine that left a large family fatherless.  We can not save them