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"Alex Jones Is A Chicken Shit!" -Wolfgang Halbig

Started by #1 Trouble Maker, Jul 05, 2017, 11:14:10 PM

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#1 Trouble Maker

Here's another one of those situations that the so-called alt-media is trying hard to memory hole this man and his investigation.

Speaking of one of my hero's, Wolfgang Halbig,  I was catching up on his status with regards to Pozner's (If that's even the guy's real name) absurd lawsuit.

I came across Richie Allen's April 2017 interview with Wolfgang below...

What's interesting is that I felt when Alex Jones was falling on the CNN sword for his point of view on Sandy Hook recently, it seemed he threw not only Wolfgang under the bus, but the entire Sandy Hook obvious hoax under the bus as well with his completely lame nonsensical responses to the Sandy Hook operation.

Come to find out, Wolfgang is hopping mad at AJ for using Wolfgang and dropping the ball on AJ's 'promise' to investigate.  He also mentions some behind the scenes info and since Alex does NOT have a 'nondisclosure' with Wolfgang, well...

One disappointing and troubling situation is that Wolfgang is being duped by Trump's people that they are behind Wolfgang.  Wolfgang is not as far down the rabbit hole as we are and does not know that HE is the 'enemy' that THEY are keeping close.  He better be real careful.  ... and with Trump's close connection to Infowars Wolfgang best put two and two together.

Pozner's absurd lawsuit against Wolfgang.

Note that at hearing Pozner's attorney is absolutely flipping out that the entire hearing is being recorded.  As you listen to the hearing you find out why he is flipping out as Pozner's attorney is trying to limit the 'discovery' process of the lawsuit.  Supreme surprise.



Great interview. He might be duped by Trump though; we'll see. Thank you for this. I'll be spending a day or two in a Connecticut library soon.  ;)
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