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Another GCHQ spook found "hanged"

Started by EvadingGrid, Dec 09, 2016, 08:28:38 AM

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GCHQ spybase worker hanged himself after he was arrested over 'unproven allegations' and suspended from his top secret role, inquest hears

    Tim Masling died on July 1 after his arrest in June and suspension from GCHQ
    His family claim he would still be alive if GCHQ bosses had been supportive
    They described him as 'well respected, popular, thoughtful and a loving father'


A GCHQ spybase worker hanged himself after being arrested by police and then suspended from his top secret work, an inquest heard yesterday.

Tim Masling, 57, of Cheltenham, died on July 1 this year, three weeks after his arrest and suspension from the intelligence organisation.

During an inquest held at Gloucester Coroners Court, his family said the allegation which led to his arrest has never been proved and they are sure he would still be alive if his GCHQ bosses had been more supportive.

The coroner, Katy Skerrett, recorded a conclusion of suicide.

Mr Masling was arrested on June 16 for reasons which have not been made public.

After his release, he tried to arrange a meeting with his employers 'to put his side of the story across', but one was not arranged, his wife, Deborah, said during the inquest.

He then went to work on June 19 but found his pass wasn't working.

Mr Masling was informed by a GCHQ security guard that after a meeting on the Friday with a member of security, he was told he had been banned from the site.



High risk occupation, especially if you HACKED the CLINTONS . . .


GCHQ staff who end up dead always makes me think what happend there ? could be the guy  did just take his own  life for what ever reason I doubt we will ever know .


Clinton secrets hacked by spy in bag
EXCLUSIVE: Shocking new twist to the mystery five years on