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BOOM! Vax Passport Company's Horrifying History

Started by Rob, Aug 03, 2021, 09:00:44 PM

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Amazing Polly is hands down the best conspiracy detective on the internet.

Oh boy, you aren't going to like this. I go over the history of ENTRUST, the company that has the contract for the Digital Passports in the UK (coming soon to your country?)
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More Rights For The Vaccinated: Merkel's Govt Pushes for Vaccine Passports in Germany
11 Aug 2021

Top members of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government are lobbying for the implementation of vaccine passports in a supposed bid to increase takeup of the jab throughout the country.

While Angela Merkel has previously ruled out making coronavirus vaccines mandatory in Germany, members of her government, including her chief of staff Helge Braun and Health Minister Jens Spahn, are calling for increased restrictions on the unvaccinated.

Neither official has openly committed to the idea of introducing a vaccine passport, as has been rolled out in France, however, they have both called for increased access to public venues for citizens who have had the jab.