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Did An FBI Run False Flag Just Get Foiled By A Cleaning Lady?

Started by #1 Trouble Maker, Jul 11, 2021, 09:48:49 PM

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#1 Trouble Maker

When you live on a planet run by 'crazy' terrorists, the title is NOT so crazy.

It seems that a cleaning lady at a Denver hotel walked into a room she was going to clean that was full of fire arms and ammo.  What makes this room special, is that it overlooks the major league ball field where the majors are going to have the all star game on Tuesday. 

The initial story broke with the patsy for a 'Las Vegas' like shooter incident already prepackaged.  The guy who supposedly rented the room conveniently tweeting or posted on the fed run social media sites that he just got divorced and "was going to go out with a bang."


As local police got involved it morphed into NOT a domestic terror active shooter but instead, a drugs for guns scenario.  Of course, the thought of hauling enough guns and ammo to reenact the battle of the bulge into a busy downtown hotel during All Stars week seems way off for professionals who logically would much rather choose a nice quiet isolated location to wheel and deal.

More Like Operation Gladio Than Guns For Drugs
This entire thing reeks of operation Gladio where globalist controlled US spec ops would stage on rooftops of hotels and sniper innocent people [the more innocent the better like children]. Witnesses will all say shots came from the hotel, and like pure theater, a prop room full of guns / ammo and a patsy with just the right story is waiting for the controlled press to roll out what ever dictates come from the so-called public reaction.  That's what living on a planet run by terrorists is like.

Weapons cache at Denver hotel near MLB All-Star game venue uncovered by police


After reading the story ... I'm sure they will try it again ... until they get it right ...
Like trade center 93', it took a few years ...

Just 7 weeks after 9/11, the cabal controllers managed to get Congress to pass the Patriot Act Bill. This put America into a "legal" state of martial law. Now, in order to enforce military martial law on the American people, they will have to stage another national emergency and they have already proven they can do so.

Right now there is another bill on Congress desk called the USA Liberty Act. This bill will make spying on you permanent. The agenda is clear. The controllers want to increase security surveillance and disarm the American people of their 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms, as they coral us towards a police state.

What's to be Found in the "USA Liberty Act Of 2017"?

Earlier this month, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, introduced a bill titled the USA Liberty Act ("Liberty Act") that would simultaneously extend (through September 30, 2023), and amend parts of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), including Section 702 of FISA, which otherwise is set to expire on December 31. Section 702, first enacted in 2008 and renewed in 2012, is the FISA provision authorizing the warrantless electronic surveillance of non-U.S. persons located abroad for foreign intelligence purposes. It has been described as the "crown jewel" of intelligence collection authorities, but also is easily the most controversial element of FISA. The collection activities authorized by Section 702 are conducted principally under the auspices of the National Security Agency (NSA).

The bill purports to be a bipartisan effort that includes Democrats John Conyers, Sheila Jackson, and Jerrold Nadler as co-sponsors, all of whom voted against the renewal of the FISA Amendments in 2012.

Died in a previous Congress

This bill was introduced on November 8, 2017, in a previous session of Congress, but it did not receive a vote.


Garland Tx :


What did the FBI Really Know before Terrorist Attack in Garland, Texas?

Recent Media Reports & Court Records Conflict with FBI Statements to Congress

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley today is calling on the FBI to explain its advance knowledge and any plan to thwart a 2015 terrorist attack in Garland, Texas.  Grassley's questions follow recent media reports revealing that an undercover FBI agent was not only in communication with the terrorists weeks before the attack, but the agent was also at the scene taking pictures of the terrorists seconds before the shooting began. However, in 2015, FBI Director James Comey indicated that the Bureau was not aware of the perpetrator's plans to travel to Garland or of any plans to carry out the attack.

According to news reports, an undercover FBI agent had been in communication over social media with one of the terrorists, Elton Simpson, in the weeks leading up to the terrorist attack.  In one of the communications with the undercover agent, Simpson shared a link to information about the "Draw Prophet Muhamad Contest," to which the agent replied, "Tear up Texas." Simpson replied, "Bro, you don't have to say that," and "No need to be direct," and referenced a terrorist attack in Paris.  The day of the attack, the agent was in a car directly behind Simpson and his associate, Nadir Soofi, near a police checkpoint.  The agent was taking photos of the terrorists just before the shooting began. A local police officer fatally shot both terrorists.

Despite the communications between the agent and Simpson, as well as court filings and news reports that reveal the agent was present at the scene during the attack, Comey told reporters in the days following the attack that the FBI had no reason to believe that Simpson intended to attack the event and was unaware of any plans to travel to Garland.

In a letter today to Comey, Grassley is seeking details on the circumstances surrounding the FBI's investigation into Simpson, including when it became aware that the agent was traveling to Garland, whether it suspected Simpson of planning an attack and what plans were in place to intervene.

Comey is scheduled to testify at an FBI oversight hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 3.

Full text of Grassley's letter follows:


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Comey - a NeoCON AntiTrump ....

James Brien Comey Jr. (/ˈkoʊmi/; born December 14, 1960) is an American lawyer who was the 7th director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 2013 until his dismissal in May 2017.[3] Comey was a registered Republican for most of his adult life; however, in 2016, he described himself as unaffiliated.[4]


President Donald Trump fired Comey on May 9, 2017