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Rtual Tauma,Child Abuse and Mind Control Conference at the CT Expo,1997

Started by Rob, May 11, 2021, 08:23:22 PM

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Ritual Trauma,Child Abuse and Mind Control Conference at the CT Expo,1997 Atlanta,Georgia

This mind control conference has been almost totally scrubbed from the internet. Is there anyone out there that attended? I gave my account of being targeted with mind control in a small conference room with Walter Bowart interviewing me. Lynn Moss Shaman,Blanche Chavoustie, Brice Taylor and possibly 30 others were in attendance. Sorry to say Walter,Lynn and Blanche have passed away.

Looking back it was quite a lineup of speakers that I had no idea at the the time. Ted Gunderson,Walter Bowart,Dr.Nick Begich,Brice Taylor,Claudia Mullen,Fritz Springmeier, Alan Scheflin and David Icke to name a few. So very strange that next to nothing exists of it on the internet.
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