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Started by iamc, Oct 31, 2014, 06:14:58 PM

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Today is the day of BOO! The day of the DEAD! [10-31-2014]

Folks all over the planet become aware of EVIL---BOO!


Answer is: "BOO!"

Most folks are afraid of the dark; and things that go BUMP in the night, & afraid of the thing called: 'BOO!'

Today is the day of BOO!

Beware of the BOO; as it comes one time a year. And evil will follow the BOO all year long...

When the Truth was Murdered:
Common Sense ran away...

Al Bundy

Market in Banja Luka capital of Republic of Srpska  ( entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina )

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Ye Olde Powder Monkey

Happy New Year Infidels ...

Activate the Stealth Squadrons ....
I laughed until I slept ...

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Cpt's Log; 14.44 BST. 19 April, 2020: "I just day-dreamed a ramming incident.
An unusual dream indeed, as the ship I rammed belonged to The Vulcans.
I shall now walk onto their bridge and inspect all round for damage."

Al Bundy

Only Google celebrate Labour Day ?

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Al Bundy