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Fort Bend County Townhall March for Our Lives Apr. 7th, 2018

Started by poseidonlost, Apr 07, 2018, 09:26:35 PM

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So today I was reading the paper and saw an article slipping in something about townhalls being held by "March for Our Lives." I was all over it immediately. I knew there was going to be something I had to see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears. And I was correct.

I arrived a few minutes before things started rolling. The townhall started with an introduction by all of the political candidates and incumbents present. Some said they had just arrived from another similar event and I knew there were more scheduled later in the day, in and around the Houston/Galveston Area. There was also a pause just after the introduction of the show for the day. "This was organized by students [from a local school yada yada] [we need to stop gun violence in our schools yada yada]" Then a small input was had by one of the adult organizers telling people to look at some app for some sort of days of action in the future. Those days were April 23rd, May 14th, October 22nd, and election day, November 6th. The app I thought I heard was said to be called Municipal City or something of the sort. I've tried looking it up to no avail so far, so I regret not clarifying exactly what all was meant here. Obviously these dates have some significance to these gun grabbing freaks so keep them in mind and please post anything that you may come across or know about.

Then came the introductions and the questions from the crowd. The real revealing of colors started spewing from these people who would love to see us subjugated into slavery. As they went down the table one by one, it was quite a battle holding in my rage for how traitorous this scum really is. But I knew to hold it in, in order to be able to fully convey to you all how this is going down. I heard plenty of the same old anti-gun rhetoric about only militias should have guns, the founders never intended this or that, "I come from a hunting family," you know, the same bullshit. One thing that I didn't expect, and was actually the most terrifying of all, was how much these politricktions and the people in the crowd called for more psychologists. Psychologists for every school! Psychologists for free! A psychologist under every blade of grass! One parent and one candidate agreed that depression was the easiest problem to treat. You think they're talking about putting the children on psychoactive SSRI drugs in a flash? You better bet all your pharmaceutical stocks on it! Another parent towards the end pleaded with the crowd to help her learn how to talk with her Republican family members who, "didn't seem to be able to think for themselves," when it came to gun control. Of course, through the whole thing the big evil meanie was the NRA while the verb infringe was constantly trampled all over by the group think.

Here's a new one I heard from a candidate who returned from the war on terror overseas and saw weapons of war (this jackass actually used the AR-15 as an example) being used against the poor citizenry. He called this "gun terror" and we should be fighting it like we fight the war on terror. Oh yes America, get ready for that one. There were also completely blatant lies, such as one of the candidates saying there were no mass shootings after the 1994 assault weapon ban until the sunset provision in 2004. What?! Total complete lie! I was shocked. They will tell these freaks anything and they'll just run with it. There was a reference to Alex Jones and how 90% of all Americans want "sensible" gun control. The 10% were called extremists. There I was. An extremist amongst the truly enlightened. As things wound down I was glad to be rid of these cultist freaks, although not happy the guy handling the microphone seemed to be avoiding me and just happened to take the last question from the person right before me. I never clapped. They said there was about 60 people present. It seemed like a legitimate head count to me.

Here are all of the candidates and incumbents that were present and some notes I took about their stances.

Fran Watson – Democrat Texas Senate Candidate District 17, she said she agreed with others there to ban all assault weapons

Ron Reynolds – Texas House Representative District 27, I noted his comment to ensure the students are prepared for the "global economy"

A woman claiming to be running as an independent for U.S. House District 22 (I can't confirm her name so I'm leaving it out), she was one of the three begging for more SSRI drugs

Dr. Jennifer Cantu – Texas House Representative Candidate District 85, the second begging for SSRI drugs to fix the problem.

Sarah DeMerchant – Democrat Texas House Representative Candidate District 26, "Ban them all" a raving gun control freak and flaming racist (her blackness held her back) feminist. One of the first things I heard come out of her mouth was something along the lines of, I'm 100% for gun control.

KP George – Current Fort Bend ISD Trustee and Fort Bend County Judge Candidate, stated he agreed with others on the assault weapons ban, pointed out to the crowd how County Judges in Texas coordinate emergency responses and that's why they should elect him. I wanted to direct my question towards him, asking why teachers should not be allowed to have the right to defend themselves and the children considering the Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no legal obligation to protect the public. He wants more police in the schools.

Dr. Eliz Markowitz – Democrat State Board of Education Candidate, she was the last of the three begging the most to drug more children with SSRIs. Also made a comment on how she wanted to make children, "Productive citizens of the 21st Century."

Sri Preston Kulkarni – Democrat U.S. House Representative District 22 Candidate, Mr. "Gun Terror" himself. Self-proclaimed veteran (although he claims an AR-15 is a weapon of war,) charismatic, imposing, and the lead democrat in the runoff. Keep an eye on this sick f**k.

Juli Mathew – Democrat Fort Bend County Court at Law 3 Candidate

Toni Wallace – Democrat Fort Bend County Court at Law 4 Candidate

Ken DeMerchant – Democrat Fort Bend County Commissioner Precinct 4, this guy was pretty pathetic, sat on the other end of the table from his (downtrodden by skin color and genitalia) wife, barely seemed to know how government worked at all.

And finally, someone representing Laticia Plummer sat in the last seat – she is in second place in the Democratic runoff behind Kulkarni for U.S. House Representative. The stand in for Plummer spread the worship of his man, the LONG-LEGGED MACK DADDY himself, Obama and pushed a convoluted history of gun control.

Look at this small cesspool of terrible excuses for Americans running for office around my area here in Texas. I can only imagine what it's like for a lot of the rest of y'all. Good luck and keep exposing these worms.

(Btw, I only put Democrat in there for the ones who made it obvious what party they're with. Just so happened to be no Republicans and some didn't make their affiliation so well known)

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Rereading this, I realize I probably should've taken a bit easier tone. They are mislead and never taught true American thought and philosophy. Maybe, maybe not. I'm always looking to be a more effective writer. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

But not that Kulkarni guy. Man, I'm telling you, he could smell the freedom coming off of me. Caught him a few times looking at me. I could see he wasn't mislead, he just wanted power and control.

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Bump for the 2020 election.

Some of these people made it to office. Some are running right now. This Kulkarni needs to lose. Sheriff Nehls is running against him for U.S. Congress. VOTE NEHLS. The guy who got on TV multiple times and told looters that his citizenry shoots first. And VOTE Nehls; his twin brother running for the sheriff position he's leaving.

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